Age 20 – Varicocele vanished, drawing again, conversations easier

I’m on a 68 day streak and have noticed many of the benefits others have talked about on here. But I think I may have just discovered a really exciting physiological benefit to not masturbating. My varicocele is pretty much entirely gone.

If you don’t know what a varicocele is, it’s essentially a bundle of expanded veins above one of your testicles (left testicle is most common). The blood does not drain properly causing the veins to expand and fill with blood. It feels like a bag of worms, causes your balls to ache on occasion and for the most part, is visually unappealing. The scariest thing about having a varicocele is that, if it’s large enough, it may cause male infertility. Before starting this streak my varicocele was large enough to be visible through my skin (some are small enough that you can’t see them). As my streak progressed I never really gave my varicocele much attention, until tonight. I have just now realized that it is almost entirely gone. Vanished.

I remember feeling so ashamed/embarrassed when I first learned that I had one. I would’ve tried anything for even the slightest chance of getting rid of it that didn’t involve surgery. I had no clue NoFap existed back then and it would have saved me from a lot of anxiety. Having the idea that you may be infertile sucks to have floating around in the back of your head.

Does anyone else on here have a varicocele and have you noticed it shrink in size as you progressed your streak? This is pretty exciting for me considering the fact that my varicocele was quite annoying and could have potentially caused infertility. I hope there are some others out there that can relate to my experience. The fact that there is possibly a natural cure, rather than depending on surgery, would be extremely encouraging for the percentage of men who are diagnosed with a varicocele.

20 years old, other benefits include: a much clearer mind, I’m able to think faster on my feet and react to situations that I otherwise would have not been able to. I’ve noticed that I’m able to hold conversations with other people a lot easier and maintain eye contact, while before I found eye contact awkward and avoided it while talking to people. But I have noticed some serious mood swings including 3-4 day spans of depression. Not good. Overall I’m a much happier person than I was before. I’m starting to feel like myself and I’m more conscious of walking with a better posture and avoiding slouching.

Girls in general are much more attractive now than they were before I started this streak and I genuinely cannot wait until I meet the right one. I was apathetic towards meeting girls before, but now I will seek opportunities to get to know them. In my current social circle I don’t interact with a lot of girls my age so it’s hard to tell if I really have improved at all in that aspect of confidence.

What I’m really wondering is when I’ll start feeling more confident in front of larger groups of people haha, 68 days in and I’m right where I started as far as that kind of confidence goes. I had to do a presentation for one of my classes in college recently and I felt sick to my stomach as I walked to the front of the room. Maybe there are some things that we just have to learn how to deal with on our own and not rely on NoFap to fix haha. However, I didn’t try to fap the stress away the night before so, I guess there is still some credit due. Thank you for the link, very interesting info.

Oh! And I draw a lot more, I’ve drawn ever since I was a kid but lost interest in drawing for years and years. Once I started NoFap I regained interest in drawing and I even started painting as well haha, I figured that’s worth a mention haha

LINK – NoFap may have cured my varicocele

by stoneytreebranch