Age 20 – Way more focused, energized & socially active. Best thing NoFap gave me: Calm & Peace


I tried to end PMO for 1.5 years now and today I hit 6.5 months without masturbating. Yes! Let me share you some of my experiences and thoughts. I am way more focused, energized and social active when I’m controlling my sexual energies and as I truly understood this, NoFap became really easy for me.

I haven’t checked Nofapforums out for more than 5 months or so but last days I had to learn that even if you control that lusting monster inside your head that forces you to go in the “Auto-pilot mode” and scrolling and scrolling over tons of pics of naked bodies (you know what I’m talking about), you will never Kill it.

You will never hit finish line, a point where you can say “i did it and it’s over”. So 90 days abstaining will get you no where! Trust me.

But you will reach plateaus. Through that journey, you will learn to accept your instincts, feelings and urges and respond to them in a way that makes you feel calm. The very opposite of what PMO is. It’s uncontrolled, a rush where you give in and lose yourself and disconnecting with the world around you.

That’s the best thing that NoFap gave me: Calm. Peace. And this makes you feel present and strong in that very moment and situation you’re in. And from this state of mind, you can experience sweet things as you have a feeling that you can decide what to do and experience next without shame, fear, guilt, being jealy. You won’t over think but just simply have more power to take courage and do a thing you’re afraid of. (I personally start to believe that over thinking is nothing more but fear that made it into your head but fear doesn’t belong there)

I got to admit that I found myself especially last days that is i was browsing the internet I somehow came in this Auto-Pilot mode and the monster inside of me forced me to continue searching and clicking for more and more nudy bodies. But I’ve always managed to notice: ” Wait.. WTF are you doing”. In moments like these it’s best to just accept that you’re not perfect and allow yourself to do mistakes because that’s the only way you will learn!! Start focusing on how less connected you feel, how shame, guilt and over thinking kicks in when you give into a rush!

Let me clarify one thing: The problems you feel and the reason why you’re feeling crappy and started browsing NoFap is PORN, not masturbation or sexual activity with a partner. Porn is a stimulus that exploits your system. Edging therefore is bathing in that rush that kicks in when you start looking porn and is the most damaging thing you can do, in fact, it’s worse than PMOing because you never get the release. In fact, it’s not porn itself but your sexual excitement you feel while watching porn. There’s no difference between watching porn, images, reading kinky texts or looking at wedding dresses or whatever, it’s your excitement towards it and you train yourself to exploit this excitement (but ofc HD porn causes more excitement than kinky texts).

And one more thing: You will feel bad and weak at some points. Questioning this whole thing. But you have to go through it. It’s worth it!! Trust me.

I hope this will help at least one person. Thanks for reading.


LINK – masturbation free for more than 6.5 months

by CaptainFaptastic



Hello No fappers,

I’m a 20-year old guy from Germany and I stopped masturbating 6 days ago.

I’m masturbating till i am 13 years old and I’ve done it atleast 5 times a week, sometimes multiple times a day.
At some point in my youth, I was afraid to leave the house. I’ve spenT all the time inside in front of a computer playing videogames or fapped. As I was 13 and things started getting complicated at my family (divorce, alcohol abuse by parents) I discovered the Internet as tool to escape my problems and those feelings that hurt. I’ve separated from my friends and the time my body changed, I didn’t discover it by making out with girls but masturbation with porn. It started with the February 2007 edition of German Playboy, and half a year later I found myself masturbating to girls on their knees surrounded by 3 guys getting their face jizzed. I needed more explicit content to even get horny and the worst part about that is that the boys in my class did the same so I didn’t thought about my behavior as not normal.

2 years ago, as I was 18 and moved out my family’s house, I kissed a girl for the very first time and it didn’t take 15 more mins as we were naked in a bed.
We were touching, kissing, but all the time I acted extremely passively. It was like I got no idea wtf to do with a girl and what I want to do her. We ended never seeing again after that because i was confused that I couldn’t let myself ago at a woman although I love pussies.

From that point I started making out more with girls, but always in a very superficial way. I looked at girls like a object of my desire and wasn’t free to maintain meaningful relations.

I had a lot thoughts about my sexual needs last weeks and as I noticed that porn doesn’t match them. I decided to watch less porn, but that made it worse. I’ve been thinking about porn all the time and as I told myself not today, tomorrow.. It became a daily issue.

It took me 7 years to come to that point to say that I’m addicted to porn and have no control over my sexual drive.

I decided to cut off porn for ever in order to live with my drive but not being slaved to it. I want to have real sex and buy condoms not watching pixels and buy Kleenex-packs in family size.

So I haven’t masturbated or watched explicit content for 6 days now and I was surprised how HARD those 6 days have been.
I feel more focused and motivated to do things on one hand but on the other there’s still that wish to just get rid of the inner pressure. My dreams are more about girls and I as I walk on the street I see boobies everywhere.

but I gonna stay strong as I feel that staying away from it makes me feel good and my mind becomes healthier.