Age 20s – Don’t underestimate how much good comes from quitting

I don’t wanna mince words, my story’s been heard before, trying to reverse years of habits etc… anyhoo just finished the 90 day challenge. Here’s my experience; perhaps it will help you.

Lessons Learned

  1. It can take years. Seriously it took me years and years of no progress to get where I am now. Of course this means that
  2. You can’t get discouraged. Period. End of story. If you feel like you’re getting nowhere ignore that feeling. You’re making progress regardless, promise
  3. I don’t think I would have been able to consider myself an adult if I hadn’t at least done nofap 45 days straight. That sounds corny but I’m serious. The basic control over yourself, the ability to not make excuses: everything that makes a person an grown-up I got in no small part from this exercize. This all means that…
  4. NoFap is in the top 10 of my best life decisions, probably top five. Again, it sounds corny but I can’t underestimate how much good has come from this. I’ve been raised in one of those progressive environments where basically I learned “if it’s hard and not directly hurting people you don’t need to stop even if you don’t like it.” I thought that it just wasn’t possible to stop fapping, and that I should just learn to live with it; I thought that for years. The first time I got a hot streak of three weeks I was floored. It was like finding out that you didn’t really need to eat or breathe. It’s one of the things that showed me that you really can take control of your life, even the things you think are unchangeable.

How I’ve Changed

  • become vegetarian
  • became vegan for over a summer (will likely go back)
  • gained five pounds of muscle (veggie gainz)
  • lost ten pounds of fat
  • family and girlfriend said I couldn’t do any of that when I said I started
  • got a master’s degree 3.88 GPA,
  • got my first academic paper published
  • Got a research position at one of the top 10 labs in my field that pays over $100,000/year (including benefits)

obviously a lot more than nofap that helped me accomplish all that but still it was a bizarrely large component and helping factor. Like way more important that I thought it would be.

So what now in my life?

I’m just getting started. I got a litany of stuff I wanna to do; martial arts to learn, concepts to study, careers to advance. The world is my oyster and I’m not even hitting my stride..

WIll I go back to fapping?

-I was mulling it over this morning then I fapped: 0/10 never again I’m done with this (I’m still gonna keep my badge up for a day or so as evidence for others before I reset)

So How does this relate to you?

  • Don’t give up. If you relapse today, don’t give up. If you relapse in ten days don’t give up. You will win guaranteed if you don’t give up
  • Nofap might not change everything but it will change something, and that something let me know that I could change everything if I tried.
  • You might have a different experience so take what I say for what it is: a single data point. Learning to think critically and in a disciplined fashion is one of the big things I learned over the course of this endeavor.
  • It was totally worth it for me, and I think it will be for you. If it doesn’t what have you lost? A few days of fapping? No-one will miss that, at least I didn’t.

LINK – 90 day challenge complete- here’s the results

by camel_case_sucks