Age 20s – (ED) More confident, motivated and honest – woman look at me more

I am in my late 20’s, started using in my early teens, quit because of E.D. and hitting rock bottom. Rock bottom involving sex with an ex-gf/long time friend who was married. Because of my E.D. I didn’t use a condom, and she wasn’t on the pill so we had to use the morning after pill.

Afterwards I had a serious increase in negative emotions and thoughts with my PMO getting much worse.

I am more confident, motivated and honest. Woman look at me more. But I did NoFap for myself not for women. My long term goal is to start a family after I take care of myself and find the right woman.

Today at 90 days I had a nocturnal emission. I have so much energy that it pours out of me.

In the last 3 months I have gotten my best job ever, asked my crush out on a date(she said yes), take dance classes, and do something social everyday.

NoFap is a large part of why my life is so much better now than it was earlier in the year.

Other Benefits. A big one is I am rediscovering activities that I really enjoy such as drawing, designing, and reading.

It is also much easier to do things I don’t enjoy. Before I used to labor just calling a mechanic to schedule an appointment. Would procrastinate all day and maybe get that one thing done. Now I do all my chores in a couple hours and have more time and energy for things I truly enjoy.

LINK – I ooze vitality

by pirivacy