Age 20s – I realize so many opportunities I now have the courage to capitalize on

I was studying yesterday when I noticed this girl staring at me from over her computer screen several times as I was walking around the library. Over the course of several hours and a couple trips to the water fountain to stretch my legs I realized that this girl was definitely into me.

The first thing I noticed was that she was very well dressed, wearing a summer dress to show off her sexy figure. Girls in my city don’t dress very femininely, or well at all for that matter, so I took note of these when I proceeded to complement her later on. On top of that she flashed a flirty grin at me a few times, which also helped to entice me over.

Since it was a beautiful day I longed to be outside drinking some beers on the patio after a long day of study, and I contemplated asking this girl to join me. My only problem was there was another sitting next to me girl who seemed interested in me, although she seemed quite reserved and shy, I caught her glancing at me a few times.

I decided I’d go for the first girl and asked her for a quick drink at the campus pub. The shy girl and half about a dozen people were going to hear me make some moves, but I didn’t let that psych me out or discourage me. The flirty girl was ecstatic and immediately packed up her books to join me for the impromptu meeting. I introduced myself and joked about distracting her from her studies but she insisted on coming with me.

I really enjoyed her company and we joked and flirted effortlessly for a few hours til we were about to part ways. She said she was going to take the train home. I had parked my car close to the train station and casually mentioned that I could give her a ride home. Cruising down the highway, sharing a stunning sunset with a cute girl I just met really made me feel like I was going the right direction in my life. I wasn’t going to kiss her once we reached her house, because I felt this may have been too cliche and hasty, but she asked me to so I willfully obliged!!

I would’ve avoided this whole scenario if I didn’t muster up the balls to ask her to join me for a drink right there and then. NoFap is making me realize so many opportunities at unexpected moments that I now have the courage to capitalize on. The best part of this was is I was getting PMO laced thoughts just minutes before asking this girl out! I suppressed them effectively and used my frustrated energy to ask this girl out. My intentions were pure and all I wanted to do was enjoy the company of a nice young woman. She complimented me on my bluntness and later told me she appreciated how I took control of the situation.

We plan on going out for once we’re done exams next week! Keep up the good fight boys! I thought I’d share this and encourage you to find yourself open to these types of chance opportunities and try to make the most out of them!

I should note that 25 is a personal record and I’ve been at this since November 2012, though I haven’t been active in the forum at all. Every single streak matters and in my experience the positive attributes of abstaining from PMO compound overtime, regardless of how many times you relapse or fail. I wish all of you a wonderful weekend! Keep your eyes and ears open.

LINK – Day 24. Picked up a sexy girl in a very quiet library. Kissed her 2 hours later. Date to be next week.

by teddy_pendergrass