Age 20s – I simply do not freeze anymore and tremor is mostly gone

I truly am amazed at (most) of the effects NoFap has had on me! Currently day 50. Here’s my report:

PMO/sex history:

PMO: 1-5x/day for 6+ years. Most in a day is probably 10. Weird porn tastes, I’m sure you guys know all too well what can happen. Two girlfriends in my life; met one on a short modeling gig and the other in class and they did ALL the work picking me up. -I couldn’t get hard half the time with either of them, had trouble maintaining erection probably 50% of the time I could get it up. After the second one broke-up with me, well now it’s been nearly 2.5 years with no sex life. -also have had social anxiety (see symptoms below) since elementary school.

NoFap Benefits Noticed:

-Decreased anxiety overall

-Don’t worry about the little things, for instance I used to replay conversations and now I just don’t

-Used to have really bad social anxiety in specific situations: talking to very attractive women, talking in front of 4+ people, talking to people I didn’t know, going to parties; symptoms: facial blushing/sweating (face would go from just noticeably pink cheeks to bright red like a big tomato, and I mean BRIGHT), tremors, mouth would dry up like the desert, couldn’t think at all in the situation, I would freeze up. This has gotten A LOT better. I’ve had it since I can remember and it’s not gone all the way but it’s getting MUCH better. (Also partially attribute it to forcing myself to get a tutoring job/ working out for a long time now, but SUBSTANTIAL change since NoFap).

-Random erections coming back and get turned on way more by women touching me

-So much attention from girls! Although the ones who approach me aren’t my type most often.

-Increased aggression + focus in the gym

-MUCH more talkative to everyone in general! Also conversation just comes more naturally now. I would say that the instances where my social anxiety would “flare up” went from everyday multiple times a day to maybe 1-2 times a week (I’m in college so lots of situations where it might happen). I don’t know if any of you have had social anxiety but this is HUGE for me. Absolutely huge.

-Feelings of confidence have increased significantly.

Potential Negatives:

Side 1:-I believe I’m having trouble focusing on schoolwork lately due to my significantly increased desire to orgasm. Today was the first time I’ve gotten below an A on one of my physics exams and this is my 3rd semester of physics (got a C or D probably). I usually always get A’s and am able to study for hours on end… however I haven’t been able to focus as much lately. Luckily we get one drop exam grade, but it’s still messing with my head really bad and making me reconsider NoFap!

Major Goals:

Have never been able to “pull the trigger” with girls, if you will. I want to be able to get the girls I want, get rid of psychological ED and anxiety with women, because I’ve NEVER been able to actually “get” a girl without her doing ALL the work. I still can’t make the initial approach to the girls I find very attractive. About 3 months ago I was IN BED (don’t even know how I got there because my social anxiety was beating me up every time I saw her, again she did all the work picking me up!) with a girl and AVOIDED SEX due to the fear of erectile dysfunction, and because she was too sexy and I was so fucking nervous in bed with such a beautiful girl (performance anxiety I think?)!! Yes, since my last girlfriend broke up with me over 2 years ago my PMO and social anxiety has gradually gotten worse and worse. Now the really messed up part is I haven’t been able to bring myself to sleep with any girls less attractive than my previous girlfriends. However, now I was getting terrible anxiety from being with these beautiful women!!! You can see the paradox here. I know I’m an idiot for letting my PMO and social reclusiveness grow so out of hand that they’ve affected my mind in such a way.

Defeat the social anxiety once and for all! I can’t even begin to describe how much of an improvement I’ve seen. I’ve had this social anxiety for my whole life. Although there are still artifacts, such as feeling like a prisoner in my own mind when everything in me is saying PLEASE go talk to that beautiful girl she will like you, just go do it, even when she smiles at me and I still cannot (although its only been weeks now!). Still sometimes get the symptoms during public speaking (have to present a decent bit for research) however I simply do not freeze anymore and tremor is mostly gone even if I know I’m going BRIGHT red I just keep talking! The biggest part since starting NoFap is I just don’t care about the symptoms as much, and funny enough this had made them regress BIG TIME!!!

-As such, I desperately want to continue with NoFap because it’s the most progress I’ve made in beating SA + PMO. I feel myself getting closer every day to beating this social anxiety + PMO, yet I don’t want my studies to suffer.

Concluding Remarks

This concludes my 50 day report. Will keep on with NoFap for the foreseeable future as I’m 99.99999% positive my psychological ED, tense anxiety in sexual situations, social anxiety symptoms in certain situations, and lack of ability to approach any beautiful woman is due to many years of excessive porn usage. Hopefully will find a way to combat the fairly frequent thoughts of orgasm while studying because this is the ONLY reason I want to stop (other than that voice just telling me to fap fap fap when I’m alone)!

Also I’ve noticed, and this might be obvious to people: but it is SO much easier to stay on NoFap on good days than it is on bad days. On bad days, for instance today when I knew I didn’t do so well on my exam, I wanted to fap SO MUCH. Carry on friends!!

Tl;Dr: more confident, big improvement to social anxiety, less anxiety all around, don’t feel like a slave to PMO/ less of a prisoner in my head from SA. Can’t focus on my studies as much because I want to orgasm. Only in the past week have I noticed this break of focus/ stronger desire to O.


LINK – NoFap 50 day report (long read, sorry)


by MrStrangeness