Age 20s – Libido is back after long flatline – happier, more confident, losing excess weight

I am in my early 20s and started fapping and porn consumption almost simultaneously around 14. I’m from Germany, so sorry for possible spelling mistakes. I started NoFap about 4 months ago.

I heard about it before here on reddit, but this was my first try at it. I had no real reason but my constant porn consumption. There would barely be a day, where I wouldn’t fap a least once. If not more. It wasn’t restricting me in my everyday life, but I begang to feel disgusted when I was finished and the porn was still running. It was nothing special, but the “usual” fetish stuff.

I was afraid that if I continued that way, I would not be able to get hard for a real woman anymore.

The first 10 days were….difficult. I was constantly horny and was craving for release. I’m single, so I had to endure it and keep my hands in my pockets.

Then suddenly, around day 11/12, everything went limp. At first I didn’t really notice, but after a few days I realized that there was neither morning wood nor any reaction at the sight or thought of an attractive woman.

I panicked a little, but started googling around and found, to my alleviation, many articles/threads etc. about the flatline and how to react or, more important, NOT react to it (watch porn/fap etc.)

So I started waiting. I have to admit, that I was really worried after day 90, because many talked about one or maximum two months and only a few extreme cases about one year or more.

Then finally in the last few days my libido slowly came back and I start getting aroused without any reason again. I’m am definitely not back to “normal” again, but I am just happy to know that everything is still working and that I am able to get a hard erection.

The craving for porn is gone. I deleted a few subreddits, but when I accidentally click on something in /r/all it is no big deal, I just close it and have no temptation to fap to it.

Some final words about the changes I observed. Before I started NoFap I began losing weight and am still doing it. Down to 212 pounds from 267, with 187 as my finaly goal and an healthy weight for my height (6’4″). I also started to do more sport.

So when I say that I’m more confident around woman and other people, that I am more happier and have more energy, I don’t know how much each factor is responsible for the changes.

Nevertheless, I am very thankful that I started NoFap and would do it again everytime, but hope that it never comes to this. 😀

LINK – My libido is finally back

by Far414