Age 20s – Lost weight, connected with old friends, happier, less boredom


I’ve wanted to do nofap for a long time. I hated not being in control of myself, and I was screwin up my life. I wanted to make positive changes for myself, but I had 0 motivation and couldn’t seem to get anything done. Saw all the benefits people who started nofap had and decided to give it a try.

My first streak was 20 days. I’m in my 20s.

Nofap gains since joining 1 1/2 months ago:

  • I’ve lost 12 pounds.
  • Completely quit coffee and diet soda. I was addicted to coffee for over 5 years.
  • Haven’t eaten any junkfood nor gone out to any fastfood restaurants.
  • Been flossing every day, sometimes twice a day.
  • Tons of cold showers. Not necessarily everyday, but most days.
  • Better impulse control.
  • Healthier thoughts and I’m feeling happier.
  • Not running away from my personal issues anymore, or at least not as much.
  • More joy in the small accomplishments I’ll wrack up throughout a day and less “boredom”.
  • Doing far better with social anxiety. Even gotten back in contact with some old friends.
  • My room is about 100x better than it had been. It was a real wreck. Have to credit Jordan Peterson for inspiration on this front.
  • Overall I’ve been able to make some big lifestyle changes that I couldn’t before I joined this community and started this challenge.

LINK – Nofap gains since joining 1 1/2 months ago

By Seeking_Discipline

  • My room and car have gone from hoarder paradise to mildly messy.

  • I’ve learned how to cook a variety of meals. Before this the best dish I could cook was scrambled eggs, and I relied heavily on packaged food. Now I can maximize my nutrition to both lose weight and get the macros I need. I’ve also been trying to help my close and extended family out when they ask for nutritional advice or weight loss advice.

  • I was working out before I started this streak, although I seem to be more focused and motivated during my workouts.

  • I have a lot more focus and energy. My memory also seems to be laser sharp. Before this streak it felt like I had ADHD. I’ve seen my performance increase in a number of academic areas.

  • I have experienced my sad and stressful emotions. That numbness that comes with regular PMO is no longer there, but feeling that sadness has made me feel emotionally stronger. On the whole I’m a lot happier too.

  • I’m a lot more social and going places I haven’t been to in years. I’ve made quite a few new friends. My social anxiety has gotten insanely better.

  • It’s been 120 days since I’ve talked to my narcissistic ex gf.

  • I’ve learned to meditate and it’s been incredible for dealing with stress and learning how to control my thinking.

  • I’m just a lot more on top of life in general. Getting stuff done when it needs to get done for the most part. Taking care of my health. Helping others when they need help.

I’ve done a lot of streaks before this, the longest being 20 days. I’d say the biggest change is this time I decided to start meditating. I’m so glad I did, it’s been essential in this streak. That and reading books.

If you all have any questions feel free to ask.