Age 20s – Now that I know I can control that which I thought I couldn’t control, I am in tune with myself


I DID IT!!! I MADE IT A MONTH WITHOUT FAPPING. I CAN’T REMEMBER THE LAST TIME I’VE EVER DONE THAT. I feel like my confidence has significantly increased from last year. I’ve never had issues holding a conversation or anything, but I feel like I’ve gotten better at it. It goes to show that this thing really does work, regardless of who you are or where you started from.

In addition, I am loving the incredible increase in productivity… I didn’t really notice it before the third week, but that extra hour each day really, REALLY make a difference. I honestly feel pretty ashamed knowing I could have been working harder in my classes or getting an extra hour of sleep instead of that awful nightly ritual.

Sex life keeps improving (with my SO) so nothing but good things.. definitely have to keep my head up after this first month but I’m ready for it.

I’m just now creeping into my 20s! I used porn for 6 years, but I’ve also M’d for much longer. Going into my 20s, I realized that this is my PRIME. Why would I be wasting my potential on something so meaningless as porn?

I’ve been experimenting with Nofap for about a year now. I actually made an account dedicated to Nofap a year ago.. it was my first MISERABLE attempt. I don’t even remember the name of the account. This is my second time; something just hit me and I’ve been going strong this time around. I know it usually takes many more attempts to conquer Nofap, but I’m trying my hardest to commit to THIS time, because I’m so done with it.

Other benefits I’ve experienced is a greater, MUCH greater ability to focus. People do not lie when they say brain fog clears up…

I used to be so much more anxious and fidgety, especially when studying. I read Nietzsche today and had no problem focusing. That’s just one example; increased focus is definitely an outcome.

My newfound self control has also benefitted my lifestyle in different realms including fitness and productivity. Now that I know I can control that which I thought I couldn’t control, I am in tune with myself and know how to better balance my life.

It’s beautiful, and indescribable. I’d recommend it to anyone.

Thanks to all of you Fapstronauts for being so inspiring. Let’s see what September brings.

LINK – 4 WEEKS!!!!

By duckfuke18