Age 21 – 1 year: I don’t like to overreact but the benefits have made me a completely different person


A little background: I’m 21. The last time I watched P was January 15th, of 2016. WOW. Feels amazing to type that out. Especially because nobody else really knows except for me and the people of nofap. When I discovered this sub I meant to go ahead with it as a new years resolution but didn’t get around to starting until the 15th. Thanks to people’s posts of encouraging me that it’s not too late. So I’m saying to you now, if you haven’t started, it’s not too late. Start today. Cold turkey is the way to do it.

The Reasoning: I originally started in hopes to cure my hard flaccid. (If you don’t know what it is you can look it up – it’s a result of pelvic floor dysfunction). It did help with it. Giving me an increase in flaccid size and hang, but still always there’s a lot of blood flow in it, may just be the way it is.


I don’t like to overreact but the benefits have made me completely different, for the better. I’m a far different person. I’m working in my hometown where before nofap I had fears of seeing people, social anxiety, would never do it. I’m far better with women and REALIZE HOW TO TALK TO THEM. AND THAT THEY REALLY AREN’T THAT MUCH DIFFERENT FROM MEN. I know how to make them laugh, I’m not worried about being embarrassed, or look like a fool, I take risks.

I feel a lot more emotion. People tell me I look good. Just recently a really attractive girl, a friend of a friend says “he looks really good and he actually talks now.” People notice the little things, and they go a long way. I think abstaining helped my social anxiety more than anything. I had severe anxiety, I was told I need to be put on medication for it, but I reversed it by doing this.

I’m overall better with people. I’ve done so many things I normally wouldn’t have. Gone out to bars, it’s seems small but I actually SMILE – (goes a long way). My erectile functioning feels good. I look people in the eye. I don’t take things too serious or stress. CONFIDENCE. A huge up in confidence.

Superpowers – I know there are mixed views on these, me myself I’ve never referred to them as this. But I did notice them. You do get smiles from women, more notices, etc. they go on and on, so many of us have experienced them. I don’t really know why but they do exist. My assumption – you truly are bettering yourself as a human being and it absolutely shows on the outside.

Things that helped along the way: Multivitamins, zinc, healthy eating (more plants and water), yoga (try something different), exercise+lifting. Cold showers, I went away from them but have came back to them. I go full cold for the last 30 seconds to a minute of my normal warm shower. Leave me energized, skin looking good, etc.

Some advice – I deleted instagram for a while, occasionally redownloading it every few months to post a picture from a trip. We get enough dopamine, need to reduce it where you can. Do things for you, that require you to leave the house. Go out with co-workers, work out, meditate, yoga, read, whatever you can that will get you off the phone, computer, internet and out of bed.

YOUR HEALTH – The body is all connected when it comes to health. The #1 thing we need to realize is that your brain can re-wire other functions in your body, for the worse. The way we treat our body affects all parts of it, including erectile functioning. You’ve got to ask yourself, am what I doing, watching P, smoking, drugs, poor lifestyle choices, worth it for my overall health on functions I’m going to want in life.

STRESS – When we stress we may not realize it but it takes a toll on your health, losing hair, etc. Try not to stress over the little things, whether it be your job, annoying people, etc. Don’t worry about it, your body will thank you in the long run. This is something that I’ve really been wanting to preach.

Conclusion  – I have fapped a few times probably 5 times throughout this time period. All of them being a result of edging and being in bed too long. But NONE of them were a result of watching P.

I absolutely wouldn’t have been able to accomplish this and change myself if it weren’t for this sub. People helping each other out on here and providing encouragement, boosting others up. Has helped me completely rid of my social anxiety.

I want to say thank you to you all for your inspiration, stories, experiences, success stories, risks, mistakes, failures, re

LINK – 1 YEAR!, Because of you all.

by betteryourself1