Age 21 – 2 years of ED and now successful long sex with new girlfriend


Past history:  started masturbaiting around 14…… got heavily addicted around 16,17 …….. started masterbaiting about 2-3 times a day ……..had a relationship for 4 years we broke up ……then when i tried getting with another girl THATS WHEN I REALIZED I HAD CHRONIC ED. Its been a little over a year now , i faced extreme anxiety and depression …..waking up everyday not feeling anything down there scared the living hell out of me ……. i go to a counselor here at college ….. i really thought life was pointless ……….UNTIL YESTERDAY EVERYTHING CHANGED

YESTERDAY: yesterday i decided to man the fuck up …..I went to the urologist the ti had scheduled for weeks, he told me everything was fine physically so it has to be all in my head , i was happy and mad to hear that, it was a joy to hear my junk is actually fine but it sucked to hear it is all in my head because that seems like it could take forever to fix

Also there is a girl i have been talking to for a week or two now and she is down to earth and very beautiful ….. the night before we slept together , she would try and touch me but i would push away and feel embarrassed.,… i would get semi erections here and there but i was just not up for sex( BTW its been over a year since i last had sex)

Anyway . ….YESTERDAY i grew some balls and opened up to this girl because i felt like i could trust her and after sending a long meaning text explaining how it is hard for me to get an erection …she was so accepting and loving about the situation…we talked and i explained more (I did not however tell her about the porn problem, that can come later) ….ANYWAY she came up to my college and we cuddled and then went to my bed to lay down ….we started kissing and i felt her up  and i got hard , and i noticed it was not like my usually semi bonors, it was lasting longer than usual…..SO I WENT FOR IT!!!!!!  we had sex and it was great i didn’t last long maybe like 2 minutes but it was amazing and weights were lifted off my shoulder , We even had sex again a little later …


I had and still have ED throughout the day i dont have much feeling down there but the fact that i was with a girl i have feelings for and all the stress was lifted off because i told her my problem fixed everything …..IF anyone has any questions , send a message

LINK –First time having sex in a year



[6 weeks earlier]
I’ve been rebooting for almost a year , ive been with a couple girls, i now Gabe Deem says you have to reboot with a partner, how true is that? my junk is always lifeless and soft, whens this shit gonna start turning around for the better?

[5 months before that]
I have been rebooting for over 6 months now haven’t watched porn since and masturbaited recently two times to fantasy. … i consider myself to have servere pied, i am now 20 and start around 14 and i would do it once twice or maybe even three or four times a day , i didn’t know anything could go wrong so i thought why not, my biggest problem i have is that m junk feels lifeless throughout the day , its been over 6 months , when will permanent changes occur, please help

[1 month before that]
Hey guys, So I’m at my 6 month month of my reboot. I haven’t P or M since then not even tempted to watch porn , I had sex at the beginning of my reboot with my ex, it wasn’t great i could hardly get it up and i busted within a minute.


UPDATE – 2 years of ED and now successful long sex with new girlfriend

Hey guys, i don’t post much on here anymore but I’d like to share my story with you guys.


It all started a little less than 2 years ago. I was dating this girl four four years at the time. I wanted to break up and experience being single since we were each others first, and i was at college. Like 2 weeks after we broke up, i hooked up with a girl, she was no where near as good looking as my ex,so i feel like i just went after any girl just to see what it was like being able to make a move on a different girl. We were making out on the couch and she was trying to touch me and nothing would happen, I didn’t think anything of the time.

A day after that i brought a girl back home from the party. We were hooking up on my bed and i realized i wasn’t getting hard and i was so confused. she gave me a blowjob and my junk was barely alive. I was so embarrassed. After she left i started freaking out , i tried masturbating and nothing happened. I had no feeling down there. My heart kept racing, i was so afraid of what was happening. I looked up online all the questions i was having, thats how eventually i came to this site and found out about this problem.


I started masturbating when i was about 13. it got gradually worse and worse. By the time i was 20 i would masturbate to porn everyday , sometimes two, three, maybe even four times a day. I now see that i was obviously addicted. I had a girlfriend when i was 16-20 and we started having sex around 17 and we would fuck a lot too. So why would i even need to watch porn if i was busting a nut 4 or 5 times a week. And now looking back I noticed how the porn got more hardcore and hardcore. I definitely had a problem

Back to the story

After i found out that i had some type of problem i went a begged for my girlfriend back. I didnt tel her my problem though, I thought maybe i couldn’t get hard because of the guilt of hooking up with other girls. to keep the story somewhat short…….She took me back and we were together for like a month before she broke up with me . If your wondering if she found out about what my problem was. She never asked. I would get semi hard every now and then and when i would i would try to have sex and when it happened it was for like a minute before i busted my nut and the sex was bad. but we weren’t having sex all the time anymore,i was avoiding that the most i could……but yeah we broke up and i was a mess

After the breakup

After the breakup i was heartbroken and terrified. my junk was shriveled up to the size of a tootsie roll, pretty funny looking back on that now. but it was always soft head and shaft, and had no feeling anywhere. I didnt know what to do .

To keep the story short. I was at college and i got so depressed for months and months. And the worst thing about it is that i had so many opportunities to hook up with some hot ass girls. I’m not trying to toot my horn but I’m a good looking kid, I’m in great shape. i wrestled in college and have a lot of friends so i was out at parties all the time on the weekends

At first i tried getting in even better shape, cause i smoke a lot of pot, i also bought a lot of the vitamins they say help. but none of that helped, i thought that nothing was ever gonna help my problem. I couldn’t tell my parents or friends or anyone about it either so i had it all bottled up inside. I never had anxiety or depression before this started but i got them bad for the past 2 years. I ended up going to one of the schools psychologists, and he helped by letting me getting my problems out. He got me enough courage to try talking to girls again and going to the doctor to see what he could tell me.

When i went to the doctor i got my blood work taken and all the tests came back normal, then months later i went to a urologist and he said everything was normal. the doctor said it was all in my head but the urologist said he had heard the theory of watching too much porn can cause it. So i thought all i could do is wait and see what happens.

months went by, I was in my junior year of college and ended up talking to this girl , it was perfect cause we would hang out with my roommate and his girl and we wouldn’t be alone that much which made me less nervous. Eventually she asked if i wanted to go back to her house and stay the night , so i did , i told myself just go for it. I slept over but i passed out right away , we made out a little but i didnt really let her touch my junk .

since we have been talking for almost a month i decided to tell her , i didnt mention the porn thing but i told her i have performance anxiety, she was so accepting , and i was so relieved

To make this part short we have been together for almost 4 months now and i can now have successful sex. Its amazing to be able to get hard by just her rubbing my back or doing some sexy shit. at first i would bust after like 2 minutes but then it got longer and longer. I can now go for like 15 20 minutes now and i feel normal again .

Words or Wisdom

The moral of the story is this problem definitely exists. I can look back and see how drained i was from watching porn all the time and not finding girls attractive. but now  can’t wait to have my girl over .

You have to do it for the right reasons, find a girl you care about and want to love

like i said i don really post much on here , i know theres a lot i left out of the story , here are a couple things i forgot


I did have wet dreams over the two year span

I smoked a lot, a lot of weed, like an ounce a week

i go out drinking on weekends

There were definitely times when i was so low i had dark thoughts, I thought my life was going to be terrible. But for all you guys who dont see progress after weeks months or even years, it will fix itself, if you continue to do the right things , avoid porn, and be social , things will get better

I would not be able to sleep well the first couple months. The feeling of numbness down there 24/7 made me so sick

But yeah guys i just wanted to post this to encourage the dudes who dont see progress and are hopeless. yes this problem exist but a big part of it is performance anxiety

your not gonna get hard if in the back of your mind your wondering if you will get it up or not . You have to get attracted and get in the mood .

Please message me for any questions