Age 21 – Better erections, More energetic, Relate better with people, I can set clear goal and focus on them

age. 20s.jpg

I can attest to a lot of changes. I now have a better erection, very strong and feel so energetic. I relate better with people and I can set clear goal and focus on them, well I could do that before but its way more easier now. I really feel like having sex though but babe is like 196km away. I don’t know what to do, I really don’t want to cheat on her and I also don’t want to patronize a prostitute.

Before now I use to have PE and I don’t know if it was porn-induced. When I finally have sex I’ll update on that I hope it goes away with P. Thanks to the NoFap community for helping me do away with P, I don’t plan on going back not even for a minute.

Truthfully I didn’t think I’ll be able to get to 90 days without P, now that am here I feel esthetic but I don’t think I have fully rebooted though, I still get urges but this was mostly strong towards the end of my target, maybe  it is because I set my mind on 90.

LINK – Yes I made it! 90 days and no relapse

by OluwaBrume