Age 21 – Courage, focus and motivation up


I still can’t believe it. I started fighting this disease in 2015 with no success. But last year I was completely fu..ed up Mad and disappointed. One day I told myself “hey man how long. how long you’re going to waste your life trying? Fight once and give all you have to beat it.” It was hard at first but literally it got easier that now pmo is no longer an option for me

2017 keep your heads up and give your best

I’m 21. I did this because of my brain fog and lack of courage. Mostly felt bored and tired before. Especially during studying I couldn’t focus. But now it’s no longer bothering me. Best and most awesome one: Motivation.

It gave me a great boost in motivation.

I’m no longer suffering from brain fog and boredom cause there’s almost nothing I don’t wanna try.

This motivation pushed me so far.

*Increased my overall confidence *Developed “Why not try that” trait in me *there are some physical benefits that I wanna send with photos on day 365

I feel all of these [benefits] related to increased courage but

  • increased confidence
  • I have goals that I’m trying to follow not just saying
  • more active overall
  • less mood swings

There are many benefits that one can gain just through a simple dedication. I’m still having some blue days of course very often.

But back to first 3 months it was like a hell Frequently mood swings , feeling of dullness ( I remember making a post here asking for what to do i needed something new : tried fasting , exercising and so many stuffs to just divert my attention)

Wet dreams frequently has increased a lot  

I say No PMO motives you to try being better and it really pushes you to that

LINK – 320 days so far

By BluePhonix96