Age 21 – Deeper voice, Way more energy, Love of music is back, Enjoy peoples company

These are some of the ups and downs I have faced in taking on this Nofap challenge/lifestyle, hopefully there will be information here that you can take away that might help you in your journey.

This all started for me when I came across this link

I thought to myself, aw yeah, that’s a huge thing to take on, like MASSIVE because I had been PMOing since I was 13, now 21. I enjoy a challenge so I thought why not, ill aim for the same. (100 days)

Threw myself in the deep end and went hard mode. Bear in mind, I have not relapsed. What I feel has been key to my will power to not PMO was when I took on the challenge, I looked myself in the mirror, and made a pact with myself that I was going to follow through with it 100%, no matter what comes across my path. I laugh now because I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

What I did to insure my success.

  • I made sure to steer away from my computer as much as possible.
  • dealt with the boredom eg, saw friends, spent time with family, meditated.
  • kept a journal for each day, when I remembered, to write down what I had experienced (doesn’t work for everyone).
  • at the top of my journal, I wrote down my personal reasons for taking on the challenge, if I ever needed the reminder. “I am no longer part of the community that fuels the porn industry. I am aware of the damage porn does to the bodies and minds of both sexes, so I will no longer feel that guilt riding on my shoulders”.
  • avoided sexual material to the best of my ability, whenever I see that crap I dart my eyes away straight away.
  • mindfulness
  • (most important) Just don’t touch yourself. Just don’t do it.

Well, it has been one hell of a wild ride. Massive flat lines, Cried 4 times, had 6 WD’s,

  • Have my love of music back,
  • voice dropped,
  • had first ever one night stand with a pretty girl (lasted ages 😉 )
  • two phone numbers,
  • shit tons of energy (came in waves),
  • Increased aggressiveness (when needed).
  • Give way less f**ks,
  • Enjoy peoples company,
  • acknowledge randoms all the time.
  • Just acting on thought and ignoring that anxious feeling in my stomach.

Flat lines, I believe there is 3 types, I experienced one at a time and sometimes multiple in the same day.

  • Emotional (generally in a down mood/depressed)
  • Libido (don’t feel turned on by anything)
  • Physical (don’t wanna move from bed state)

If you guys have any questions about particular days, there is a high chance I have something written down. (you may not experience the same as myself due to large amount of variables, but possibly similar)

I wish you all lots of luck, and look forward to you all joining me in the count down for blast off.

LINK – 90 Day Report, Hope you guys can take something away from my experience.

by Datflat____