Age 21 – Depression and anxiety gone, very motivated

I saw benefits. A lot of people do this for girls, I did it because my anxiety was immense and my depression made me extremely isolated. I’m 21 and been using porn for about 7-8 years.

After you hit a serious flatline (mine was day 43), everything opens up to be honest. Zero anxiety, Zero Depression. Yes, you have down days but they pass after a day or two.

The girls… I had sex with one girl for the past 2 years (friend with benefit). After around day 50-60, I had sex with 3-4 girls in 30 days. Nofap helped alot man.

The REAL emotions definitely come in from day 30 forward. I was depressed and around day 30-50, the underlying deeply rooted honest reasons for my depression came out and I was face to face with them.

After about Day 60-90, I knew what I wanted, saw what I wanted, and went after it. A lot of energy, very motivated, and best of all, I rarelyyy get anxious or depressed like you’ll know what I’m talking about because your close: Day 47.

LINK – 90 Day Report! First time hitting 90

by RwSkeleton