Age 21 – ED cured after doctors gave up, I get raging erections when intimate

I’m 21 years old, 6 foot, athletic build, and women do say i’m handsome. Not bragging, but i’m just giving you the description. I played sports throughout most of my life so i’ve always been in pretty good shape.

I started NoFap because after drunken escapade with several females – you guessed it, I couldn’t get it up. I couldn’t get it up to save my life. I couldn’t get it up if (insert whoever you think is hot) was standing infant of me naked. After the embarrassing nights of apologizing and “I understand, it happens.” I was lost. How could this happen? After hours on google, searching for the answer I had decided that I had something physically wrong with me. I went to my local physician, and he sent me to a specialist. This specialist couldn’t understand what was wrong with me, so he redirected me to another specialist. After getting redirected several times, I was finally redirected to Dr. Wu. Dr. Wu ran some tests on me, and decided he had to stimulate an erection in me to understand the blood flow. So, Dr. Wu took a 6 inch needle and injected into the side of my flaccid penis. As I’m writing this, I am still wincing at the excruciating pain, having a 6 inch needle in your dick feels like. Long story short, Dr. Wu said there is nothing physically wrong with me and that my ED problems must be nerves. So he slapped a prescription of viagra in my hand and sent me on my way.

So I didn’t know what happened. The pills worked when I needed them to – sometimes. But it still made me not be able to finish unless it was me finishing it. If you know what I mean.

I am a college student at one of the top universities in the country and I realized I used pornography to cope with the stresses of life. For example: Hard day? Porn. Fight with parents? Porn. Test coming up? Porn. It got so bad… I was using it every day… for years… and I was using more and more harder porn. Let’s just say, I was in a pretty dark spot.

By the grace of God, I found this subreddit. I found the YourbrainOnPorn video of how the guy fixed his PIED. On yourbrainonporn, there is a test to understand if you have PIED or just ED. I recommend doing this test. Basically, if you’re skeptical of all of this, try to Fap without porn and see what happens. If you can’t get it up or it’s difficult – fap with porn. If you find that you can easily get it up with porn, but it’s extremely hard to get it up and finish without a porn video going – you have PIED. AT LEAST a mild case of it. When I did this test and found out that I was no longer able to get it up without porn – I freaked out. I quickly went on YourBrainOnPorn and started reading. I read about PIED and I fit every symptom. I found NoFap and knew I had to change.

So I set out and made a goal of 90 days. As you guessed it, I relapsed within 2 days. I did this over and over several times. Like many who start NoFap, they start out half-assing it. Completely.

Overall, I never benefited from NoFap until I changed myself. I am not 100% cured but my life has drastically improved. It’s really like once you stop fapping, you have a jolt of energy to go out and accomplish your dreams/goals. Again, I am saying you have a massive increase in motivation. If you sit inside and watch Netflix all day while doing NoFap you aren’t going to change your life. In order to succeed in NoFap, at least from my experience, you have to actively go out and change it. You can’t wait for someone else or something else to change it. NoFap will not magically make your dreams come true, it just makes it easier on you to make them come true.

So this is several failed attempts later and I made it to 65+ days. I want to get in to the changes that I personally have experienced. And i’m going to put them in an easy to read list:

  1. Girls smile at me almost every time when I walk down the streets
  2. Being able to look people in the eyes when you talk to them
  3. Having genuinely meaningful conversations
  4. Having better conversations
  5. Girls giving me their phone numbers. (This has never happened to me before)
  6. Girls genuinely all over me at times. (This has never happened to me before)
  7. Better posture
  8. Waking up is easy
  9. More energy to do things
  10. More motivation
  11. I run almost every day. I never started running until this challenge.
  12. Here’s something that completely took me off guard: I READ EVERY NIGHT. Wow. I never used to read. Now I have a thirst for new books.
  13. I call my parents more and they say i seem happier.
  14. I can pull long work days without being distracted – essentially my focus has been improved
  15. I don’t waste countless hours on social media like I used to
  16. I get raging erections when intimate with women
  17. Sex is better
  18. Girls have thrown themselves at me a few times during this challenge – I had sex/intercourse around 5 times or so during this challenge.
  19. I feel like my voice has deepened
  21. Not as stressed
  22. I meditate almost every day. Wow. Yeah. Meditating. I thought this stuff was silly but it helps so much. I recommend downloading HeadSpace to start you off – its an app in the app store and the guy does 10 sessions for free and then gives you an option to pay for more.
  23. I eat extremely healthy.
  24. I don’t eat fast food
  25. I really don’t eat sugar
  26. My chest hair has grown in 2x starting this challenge than it had before.
  27. Being able to look my parents in the eye
  28. Not going on fapping binges when I go home
  29. Looking my mother in the eyes and not feeling guilty.
  30. Emotions are back
  31. Being more confident
  32. Music sounds better
  33. More motivation for life

Here are my tips for the beginners or people that could use a boost in the challenge already (again in list form so its easy to read):

  1. Download an app called ProductiviT – it’s free in the app store and what it does is it breaks up your work into smaller, “work segments”. Basically, you can’t touch your phone until you hear the alert go off. This has helped me tremendously with my procrastination and social media addiction problems. I put in an application with them to beta test, and I have been using it for ~50 days. This app. Use it. I use it while I study. I use it for working out. And it has turtles in it. This simple app has helped me more than you know. Here’s the link:
  2. Listen to Eric Thomas mixtapes. Just go into your room and sit and listen for an entire mixtape. I guarantee – when you walk out of your room – you will not fap.
  3. Read this subreddit for around 15 mins a day. Seeing other people going through what you’re going through helps. And makes the weight you’re carrying easier to bear.
  4. Meditate for at least 10 minutes a day. Go on YouTube and find a video and do it. It’s free.
  5. Write down “Why you’re doing this”. Write it down on paper. And put this paper in your desk or something. Read this piece of paper to yourself when you wake up.
  6. Work on your self talk. The reason you are failing this so many times is because you don’t believe in yourself. I was just like you. Maybe even worse. The way that I changed was I told myself I believed in myself over and over. I didn’t believe in myself at the start – But I kept telling myself I did and eventually – I started to believe I could do it.
  7. Yes this is gross but it’s necessary to talk about. Don’t be afraid if you periodically discharge some “build up” while peeing after exercising. This is your body cleaning itself. This is normal. Your body has been making enough of this stuff for years thinking it’s going to get rid of it at the end of the day. So it has to learn to not do this. So while your body is learning to not make a huge amount of “build up” you are going to discharge some of it while peeing – it doesn’t feel good. It’s just emptying.
  8. Call your Mom almost every day. Trust me, talking to your parents helps you stay sane. And they love hearing from you.
  9. Eat healthier. It helps.
  10. Exercise almost every day. What I like to do is run around 10 PM at night. I absolutely crush runs these days. NoFap has given me a huge boost of energy. Exercise every day. If I don’t exercise almost every day, it gets rough. Big recommendation: exercise.
  11. Get an accountability partner. Post on the subreddit. I got one and we were with each other for the first 30 days or so. It helped a lot
  12. It takes 30 days to make something become a habit. Make it to 30 days and the weight you are carrying gets much lighter. However, don’t forget you are still carrying a weight on your shoulders.
  13. Don’t edge. Don’t do it. It’s stupid. Don’t do it. Not even once.
  14. You are going to hit flatlines. Don’t be scared your dick will never work again. It will. Ride it out.
  15. Write down how many days you are going. I recommend 30 days and then re-adjusting from there when you get there.
  16. Decide if you are going to do hard mode. Decide if you are going to only have stimulation from real people. Write down your goals with NoFap and be very specific.

If I think of more, I’ll definitely go back and add some more in. But that’s my story. I have almost dug out of this hole. I think I am probably 90% of the way there. My relationships have improved tremendously. I am so glad I took up this – lifestyle.

I now have a genuine lust for life.

Thank you for your time. Before I sign off, I want to leave you with one of my favorite quotes:

“I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.’”

LINK – 65+ Days NoFap – you won’t regret reading what I have to say.

by helgar1993