Age 21 – ED cured.

Hello fellow Fapstronauts,

It’s been long overdue but I made myself a promise to post my succes it if ever came to it. Almost three years ago I first took notice of this sub, I was intrigued just like most of you. After realizing I did have a problem I was happy. I knew that ment there was a solution to my erectile dysfunction. I was 19 at the time – no age to be struggling with such a thing.

I’ve watched porn since puberty and masturbated almost everyday. Much like most people my age. But when I had sexytime with a girl my dick didn’t get up. It got worse and worse and eventually it scared me to even get to bed with girls if I had masturbated that day or the day before. I would make up schemes so that I would easily be aroused if it came to it. A very conscious process. I tried viagra multiple times but that stuff only works when you’re horny. I didn’t get horny.

But there it was, a sub dedicated to people with problems like mine. I tried the 90 days. I never did make it. I made it to day 26 once, then another time to 45, and I kept trying, but I also kept relapsing. My tip: shut down your fantasies. The moment you allow yourself to fantasize you start losing, so be aware of that. Not watching porn became more of a habit though. I don’t know exactly when it happened, but for the last two years when I’ve been with a girl, I have not experienced spaghetti dick anymore. I keep myself in check by not watching porn more than twice a week. I masturbate frequently. I have a girlfriend and we have a healthy sexlife.

The reason I’m posting this, is because I want you to know that you don’t have to stop masturbating for life. There is an inbetween. But first you have to struggle, try to reach the 90 days. I hope this makes it easier for you to accomplish your goals with NoFap.

Goodluck, stay strong, and don’t edge.

LINK – Succes story: ED cured

by Saturner



How long did it take for you to get your erections back?

Didn’t take that long. I already had erections when I watched porn obviously. After a few weeks I started getting morningwood. I had sex on day 27 once, obviously it didn’t last for longer than a few hits (most glorious feeling of my entire life). Had the best erection I had ever experienced that moment.

I notice my erection getting less hard when I watch more porn, I notice it getting harder when I don’t masturbate / watch porn for a while.

Hope that helps.

So your masturbation is without Porn or with?

I try without, but often I start masturbating because I get in touch with porn through browsing the internet. When I notice I start masturbating a lot I always go without for a week or longer, to keep things in balance.