Age 21 – ED: I was paranoid, suicidal, very sick – I’m able to have sex. I’m able to feel love.

This has been a very tough journey. Last year February, I was paranoid, suicidal, very sick.. everything was black and white because of my Internet and porn addiction. I couldn’t get it up to have sex with any attractive woman.

And everytime I’d orgasm I would get very depressed for NO REASON (flatline).

TODAY. A whole year and some days later. I’m here to thank Gabe and Gary Wilson for all they have done for me. I’m able to have sex with no flatline after. I’m able to feel love.. I’m able to enjoy life without the many distractions (internet and porn), it also made me very aware of how fucked up the world is.

I will not say I’m completely cured but I’m at the point that I can have sex for hours as many times as I want without falling back into flatline. Before I couldn’t have sex lying down, that changed, I also had serious dead dick and it’s getting better. I can give you some tips on beating this but just know everyone is different.

June 2, 2015

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Well how to begin.

My first encounter with porn was  11 Years ago. I’m currently 20 years old. The first time i had an orgasm I was 11 with a close friend of mine (no sex just dry humpin), after that I found a pornographic video in which I can still remember in my dad’s office. I never use to masturbate to it, i just liked to watch it until one day I decided to give my d*ck a stroke while watching it, from that day is when the mess began. I would watch it once and a while, not every day and masturbate to it at least once a day. Then my mom got cable for the television and I started going on E on nights while she’s sleeping and jack off some soft porn with those naked women walking around then we finally got internet at home when sh*t started to get worst.

 At age 15 I lost my virginity to my then girlfriend, I wasn’t watching too much porn then but when I got the chance i would masturbate, we would have sex EVERYTIME we saw each other for longs periods of times without any problems at all! we broke up 1 year later and after that i meet a few girls and never had sex with them cause I was so into masturbating to porn after the broke up, I never felt like having sex ( i didnt realize then that porn was messing me up)  from 2010 – 2012 i was masturbating non stop, then I met this girl and we kick it off I was hard as a rock but I came too early (I’m guessing that’s because I got used to rushing to orgasm). After that I had sex with another girl and I couldn’t get it up unless I stroke my d*ck and imagine something,  but I paid it no attention until this year January I went to have sex with the beautiful girl and I couldn’t even get it up.

Since that day I’ve been to the doctor countless times and they said nothing is wrong with me and it’s all in my head so i then realize I can get it up to porn but not with a real woman then I typed it in the internet and saw GABE’s videos and I tried it out.

The first month I felt so energized, my mind was clear and I felt better than ever. Then one night I felt so horny that night i got a wet dream after that i went into deep flatline. NOTHING turned me on. Didn’t feel like having sex nor even think about it, my d*ck was getting hard occasionally but only got a few seconds and go away.

Then last week a girl came over that i had sex with before. I was so anxious of what was gonna happen and we started kissing and I suddenly got a boner. It was quite soft but not the boner i was looking for and we had sex for like 1 min cause of course i came quick and couldn’t get back up again unless i kissed her. I msged GABE to ask if that was normal for him and he said yes and i believe I’m gonna get better. I’m gonna keep this page posted

p.s sorry for all the typos