Age 21 – ED: Success after 2 long years. Not yet 100%, but sex finally felt great


Finally after almost two damn years I was able to have sex. I started no pmo at 19 and I’m now 21. I started out this journey as a virgin also. The first time I was actually able to penetrate a vagina was back in May with the help of ED meds. The entire experience was horrible but I had lost my virgintiy. Didn’t feel anything during sex and never came and barely had an erection on a large dose of meds.

Almost two weeks ago I was able to have sex again but this time it was a little different. I felt just a little more but not much. We both came which was great but it was very very pain full for me. I also was on meds but a smaller dose (brain is healing) and was about 60% hard.

Now today… Amazing. Same deal with the meds but just a small dose. Got about 75% hard and that was enough to go at it! I also had much better feeling when I was inside her. When I came it felt absolutely amazing I cannot describe it. Everything felt great and I was so happy to finally see some results.

I know the meds are not the best route to go which is why I’m weaning off of them but they have given me the confidence I need. I am not fully healed but damn right I’m getting there.

I’d like to thank everyone who has posted on this site and has also given advice. I don’t post much but I have read everything and gained some knowledge. Ask me questions and I will be glad to help and share my journey ! Thank you

LINK – Success after almost 2 years !

BY – las59036