Age 21 – Energy boost is real, I have my discipline back, relationships much better


I actually started this journey on my own at the beginning of last summer. I discovered this community after two months of struggling on my own. Once I joined I relapsed only 3 times before this current streak. A few thoughts thus far:

1) The energy boost is real. It comes in cycles, sometimes super high energy, and sometimes regular amounts. The difference is that the peaks and valleys are higher

2) I don’t actually have anything against masturbation, I did this to rid my life of Porn. I started this after ending a relationship. I basically drifted out of the relationship because I couldn’t invest myself and apply the proper amount of energy that it necessitated. I have noticed that I can start conversations more naturally, and I definitely see women more as equals rather than purely sexual items. But even after a year, I know that I am not yet there yet, and there is still room for growth. I still sometimes judge girls based on appearance alone, I think part of the reason why is that during this process I still allowed myself to engage in casual sex.

3) Perhaps the most important of the benefits that I have felt thus far. I feel like I have my discipline back. Having control over your actions is soooo important. I think that the act of practicing self-control can only make you mentally tougher and more able to hit short and long term goals. I have done better in school since starting this as a direct result.

I also want to give a few of the activities that have helped me the most get through urges. I know everyone says this, but it is so true. THE GYM WORKS! I stepped up my gym days from 3-4 per week before to now 5-6 days per week. Its actually insane both how much going to the gym helps keep urges at bay, and how the extra energy you have can make you a beast in the gym. I finally hit one of my life goals of running a mile in the 5s.

I also channeled a lot of my extra energy into my schoolwork. I spend more time in the library, more time studying effectively, and more time reading.

Some of this energy has found its way into my relationships. My relationship with my parents, and cousins has become much better. I am more honest with people about my desires and I think that goes a long way.

I am 21, and can remember using porn when I was 12, so [using] roughly 8 years.

Lastly, perhaps one of the most bold things that did was tell some of my friends. I hid this part of my life for a while because I thought that they would laugh at me. When I told them, initially they started too, but I explained why I was doing it, with confidence, and they respected me for it. Doing this is hard, your friends will have trouble imagining doing this, so be proud.

NoFap, keep doing what your doing. You are helping so many of us even if you don’t realize it.

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By  TheInsatiableInuit