Age 21 – First girlfriend I love


i now have my first girlfriend, after about 9 years of being single. And i couldn’t have done it without NoFap. I want to thank this community for all the motivation, and support that you gave me, while going through this journey.

We have met through a new years eve party, last year. But i was still a PMO addict back then, so i didn’t have the courage to write to her after the party. Then she founf herself a boyfriend and I thought that i’m done with her, and that we won’t be together. But when i stoped PMO’ing and when i was about at day 15-20 of this streak, she messaged me out of nowhere and asked me to go to the club with her and her friends. I couldn’t go that day so I declined the offer. But we agreed to meet the next day. I was having a good streak and was feeling great, so socialising with her was easy and felt natural. We had a lot of fun together afterwards, and a few days ago i asked her to be my girlfriend, an she said yes. But sadly i relapsed yesterday so i’ll be starting a new streak today.

 I was a hardcore PMO addict for about 10 years. And when i say hardcore i mean it was very bad. I used to masturbate for about 5-6 hours everyday. It was horrible, i fucked up my health, my mind and my body and reproductive organs. I knew that i was killing myself and i needed to stop. 58 days ago when i PMO’d with my sperm came some blood this event shocked me so much. That i promised myself to give my all strength to do NoFap. And i managed to make it to 58days. I’m 21 years old. The benefits are amazing in my case but it is mostly due to semen retention i’ve learned that. NoFap gave me my life back. The sad part is that i relapsed yesterday, but i will keep on going.

The difference is that i can genuinely laugh, sometimes be witty, stand up for myself if i don’t like something that’s happening. Listen to other people and really start caring about them. I’m starting to feel real feelings for her, and not just lust and wishing to fuck her. It is much more than that. I am becoming a different, better person each day when i’m on NoFap. I think NoFap was the main cause for this change that happened in me. But it was me who managed to stick with it for almost two months. This time i wil reach 3 months, mark my words!

LINK – Day 56. I’ve got a girlfriend.

By Vytonis