Age 21 – From a mumbling, stuttering outcast to someone people are glad to have around

WOOO THE HYPE IS REAL LETS GOOOO. I went from being the third wheel/ the outcast, hating myself to Day 90 full of energy. People are glad to have me around. My eyes went from dull to beautiful, full of life. My hair went from sick-looking brown to high detail looking blackish. I am blonde btw just very dirty blond.

I went from being the worst work member to be with to one of the best.

I love myself and am happy to be by myself or with someone, doesn’t matter anymore.

I went from a mumbling stuttering fool too speaking loud and clear. I don’t seek trouble but I don’t let anyone walk over me.

I can go on and on about the benefits but I might make a separate post on that.

It’s best to do hard mode.

I am 21 years old, I experienced a lot of depression and anxiety this cause me to experiment with NoFap.

LINK – Day 90

By Alienbaby12096