Age 21 – From depressed and suicidal to new job and romantic interests


NoFap works like magic. I was never happier before in my whole life. I was a depressed, dumb and lonely bastard all my life. I was depressed and suicidal as long as I can remember of my life. Fapping comes hand in hand with all kinds of evil. My habit of reading is what kept me alive. Books are most precious inventions of mankind.

But then the Inspiration to change started to bug me. So this is what changed my life.

In December, I came in contact with this NoFap community and other inspirational stuff when I was desperate to turn my life upside down.

So for the past several months, I am fighting my battle against this addiction. Being a huge addict, I used to lapse every 2-3 days when I started. Then I wash rinse and repeat my decisions. Then the days turned into weeks and I started to get streaks of 15-20 days.

Now for the first time in my whole adult life, I am on NoFap for a month. And This feeling is great. I feel passionate about things. I felt stronger and energetic.

I got a very cool Internship and I moved to a new city. The work environment is awesome and pay is good here. And I feel loved in my life.

I try to help as many random people as I can. I am getting better and happier every day. I started running every day and soon will start exercising. I started talking to random strangers and started making new friends.

I have met three girls last month who are showing affection towards me. I myself couldn’t believe this change. I have been alone my whole life. So I am confused about love. One is really hot and we share many common Interests. One is really cute and my heart melts when she smiles. And she cares a lot about me. I am falling in love with her. And the third one not very beautiful but a very kind and good person, She is very smart and funny and has a positive aura around her all the time. I don’t know whom to go with.

I used to feel that people who post here just overexaggerating the facts but now I know better. Guys Just hold on to your morals and motivations and keep on trying, Life will get much better. I am 21

LINK – NoFap transforms lives! Found my confidence, excelled at work, met 3 girls in a month. Life just got so much better 🙂

By aronSton