Age 21 – From virgin with complete PIED to consistent sex with GF


I can’t believe I’m finally writing this, but I have overcome PIED after a little less than 2 years. It was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever dealt with in my entire life, and there were more than a few points along the way that I truly questioned if I’d ever have successful sex, or even a happy life. Don’t confuse me with one of these preachy posters on here. During my reboot I fell into deep depression at certain times, even drinking and taking drugs to cope with it.

But I’m telling you right now that I have gone from a virgin with absolute PIED and extreme sexual anxiety to having consistent sex with a dope girlfriend in less than 2 years. You can absolutely recover from this. I remember reading success stories during the beginning of my reboot and not believing people when they said this, but yes YOU CAN RECOVER.

You have to approach this dead fucking seriously and devote your entire life to your reboot, but it will work if you stay committed. Also, you have to be patient. I mean really patient. I believe for some people like me it will take years to recover, not fucking 90 days. Here’s my story:

I’m now 21 years old. I started watching internet porn at a young age, probably around 12. At that stupid young age, I had my own laptop and room, so I went pretty much straight into PMOing to some pretty fucked up things. Like everyone else on this forum, I never thought that this could harm me in any way. I thought it was completely normal. So I continued to PMO throughout my teenage years. I can’t remember exactly, but I’d say I typically PMO’d about 5-6 times per week from ages ~14-19. During this time, I was always fairly popular in high school. I had a lot of friends, played sports, etc. I even had a pretty hot girlfriend in 10th grade (but we broke up before sex came up). Anyway, I was a virgin throughout high school, which always bothered me, but I didn’t think anything was too wrong.

Then I went to college and met this girl that I really liked. Finally at the end of freshman year she came back to my place after a party and we decided to have sex. However, as you expected, I could get absolutely nothing going on down there when she undressed me. I mean nothing. Not only could I not get it up, but I had this strange detached feeling throughout the whole process. It just felt so foreign to me and unnatural. Although I was pretty drunk that night, I knew then that there was something very wrong with me. It was extremely embarrassing for me at the time, and it was truly the worst possible first sexual experience one could have. I was devastated and totally confused.

So that summer I started looking for answers and found the Gary wilson Ted talk video and then this forum, and it all made so much sense to me. I started my reboot right away and was extremely committed. First I didn’t O at all for 96 days. I also began to cut back on weed and alcohol and started working out more. I then would MO (no P) about every 2 weeks for the next couple months. I also remember I tried to have sex with a girl after a party one night around the 120 day mark, and failed miserably. I couldn’t get it up at all, and was again extremely embarrassed and upset.

However, around this time I did start to notice SOME signs of progress, such as occasional MW (which I never got previously). Over the next few months I felt like I made gradual progress, but never dared to test it out. Then, after about 1 year, I knew I needed to try to rewire, so I started talking to more girls, going our more, and hanging out with girls as much as I could. This definitely helped me. I also began MOing roughly 2 times per week, and after the 1 year mark I knew I was definitely making progress with MW and libido, but I still hadn’t had sex.

Then after about 1.5 years, I decided it was about time I really tried to put myself out there, so I told this one girl I liked that I liked her and wanted to be with her, but that I had some traumatic experiences in the past as a result of not being able to get it up for sex, and thus I get nervous for sex and need her to patient with me. Fortunately she seemed to understand and really liked me and said she’d be patient with me. So, we just sortof madeout and cuddled for about a month, and I knew I was making serious progress. Sometimes I would get sortof hard from just laying next to her. So finally she gave me head after a party one night and it worked fairly well, although I couldn’t finish because I was pretty drunk (and nervous af). But, the next night she went down on me again and it worked perfectly and I finished. Then we just continued messing around like this for a while and finally I was able to have sex. At first the sex was terrible and I could only last like 1 minute, but after a couple more times I improved a lot, and now I’ve been having consistent successful sex with her for almost 2 months.

You must recondition your body to respond to real women in stead of porn. Stop watching porn, let yourself heal, and try to find an understanding girl to help you rewire. It’s way way easier when you have a girl that your comfortable with-I think this is what helped me. I know it’s easier said than done, but it’s that simple. Stop watching porn and try to find a girl.

I should also mention that throughout my reboot I did ‘relapse’ about 6 or 7 times, and even to this day I still slip up and PMO every once in a while. One relapse will not ruin you. It’s conditioning your brain with years of overuse of porn that fucks us up. Anyway, I really can’t thank this forum enough for everything. Not to get overly dramatic, but it has really saved my life in many ways.

I’ve been through just about everything there is to go through with a reboot, so PLEASE message me if you need help or want to ask me for advice, and I will do my best to respond quickly. Thank you to everyone on this forum and to those of you still rebooting, never give up.

Link – From virgin with complete PIED to consistent sex with gf SUCCESS STORY

By Malibu