Age 21 – Got my first ever girlfriend


Man these last 83 days have been a journey that I’m glad I started. In under 3 months my self-confidence self-esteem have grown exponentially. I’m way way more extraverted and did things I’d never do before I did nofap. I got my first ever girlfriend and honestly life could not be going smoother.

Loneliness and lack of confidence were the main reasons I started. I was pretty insecure and thought nobody liked me. Nothing like that anymore my confidence is sky high and I’m secure about myself and my relationships. I’m 21.

For the last year and a half I struggled getting streaks over 20 days, but something finally clicked.

The way I see it, you’ll never quit unless you are fully 100% committed. Even 99.99% isn’t good enough. Don’t give in to the urges, you’ll come out stronger and happier on the other side.

I had like 2-3 weeks of flatline. I didn’t have many urges but mentally I felt down during that period.

LINK – Closing in on 90 days! It works guys!

By Shankaclause