Age 21 – Got the job I really wanted, someone gave me a piano


I’m 21. It wasn’t like I found nofap and decided to try it. I noticed when at age 15-19, when I went the longest without fapping, I did more things. I socialized more, I was more assertive, productive, outgoing, happy. These were all benefits I felt. All the same benefits I feel now.

During this streak, I got the job I really wanted, I got a car, I got a piano I’m really excited about, I’ve built relationships with awesome women, I play piano in front of others and feel no sense of anxiety or pressure.

I was playing piano to a crowd of strangers. I’ve only been playing piano for a year now. Not long but I use piano as an outlet to let my emotions out and to fight the urges so to speak. I played and before I knew it a lady was kissing me on the head. A stranger walked up to me named Ed. He said he had a beautiful upright players piano at home no one uses. He decided to pass the piano down to to me. Its from 1860. Mahogany wood and ivory keys. It’s truly a blessing. He said to me he knows I’ll take care of it and boy is he right. Nofap has helped me rekindled my passion for music and it has allowed me to connect with people on a different level.

Guys, this changed my life. Ive completed the challenge. I don’t plan on changing anything from here. It’s become a lifestyle. Without even thinking about it, it brings my life energy. I haven’t been visiting nofap lately because we all need to spend less time scrolling media. We all need to learn to go after our goals and not sit around reading about everyone else’s success story. Create one for yourself.

Thanks guys.

LINK – Checkin in at 95…

By Lando___