Age 21 – Had a date, we kissed and it was awesome


I’m 21. I had ED while having a one night stand with a girl I was in love with for 2 years + addiction to certain porn categories. Most benefits are less social anxiety/more confidence/stronger/sharp thinking etc/better body/better skin/

20 to 70 was flatline mostly, day 90+ was good in terms of benefits but the “superpowers” really started to develop when I also got rid of instagram/snapchat and procrastinating

Today at school I was hanging out with 3 girls from my class and I had a good connection with one of them (I actually like her). I felt no social pressure/anxiety and everything went pretty well.

Also, on the boat from the train station to my house I felt really good. (I’m dutch, its like a little boat that crosses people from one place to another and its free (a pond)) All the people on the deck outside (30 square meters) were standing against the wall but I felt like standing in the middle of the deck and just enjoying the view of the city.

Some people looked at me but I felt really good and confident. I was just minding my own things without >>Caring about anyone else’ opinion”

I hugged a girl that I am into (she is also into me haha) and I felt this surge of testosterone/energy/horny feelings coming into my body. I also felt like I was getting hard  (she didnt notice a thing since the hug was like 5 seconds). I think this means that my ED is cured.

Stay strong guys, it get’s easier

LINK – Day 110, I feal peacefull in social situations.

By MartijnAesthetics

Update [130] – Asked a girl on a date and she said yes

Guys it was awesome, and we kissed ! 🙂

Im so happy.

We talked alot before and afterwards, andddd I got myself a second date with her.

Normally I see people make these kinds of posts on day 30 or something, but I just felt like I needed some more time to recover before I finally start to go after girls

Anyways, I’m happy