Age 21 – Happier, Emotions more powerful, Intellect is sharper, Not afraid to look at people and talk to people, Have energy to do things


I’ve finally succeeded at overcoming this major issue in my life. 7 years of destruction are finished. For 4 years I tried to reach 90 days. I have reached day 21, 30, 40, etc., many times. In this streak I reached day 70 for the first time and started to experience a GREAT change in my brain and body and life. I’d never experienced this before in all my time on NoFap. The real change that we all seek on NoFap actually began.

There are so many benefits to list but here’s some:

  1. Completely happier.
  2. Emotions more powerful, intense feelings, including sadness.
  3. Intellect is sharper, I’m wittier, better memory. Vivid flashbacks of my life have been coming – I’d forgotten so much and didn’t even know.
  4. Not afraid to look at people and talk to people.
  5. Have energy to do things. I want to get up in the morning. I’m excited for tomorrow. Am capable of anything. Not worrying so much about things, like what I’m going to do if this or that happens, because now I’m more able to handle situations.
  6. Music is way better. Enjoying video games way more. Food tastes way better. Movies are more enjoyable.
  7. Physical appearance vastly bettered. Eyes brighter and larger and more colorful. Skin is a healthy color now. Acne all gone (I’ve had it since 13 and only now after this streak has it gone). Body strengthened and looks fuller, muscular, better proportioned.
  8. Physically fitter and stronger. I can zip around and do things so fast, moving at the speed of light one second and then completely slow down the next without becoming breathless… I’m fit like how I was as a child.
  9. Can focus on things with my eyes. Also I can see more details before me, like I’m walking down the street and see every detail, the reflection of a building in a window whilst looking at a person walking in front of me.
  10. I laugh much more and am enjoying humor more.

The change that I started experiencing was none other than my life returning after being hidden for 7 years (nearly 8 years). To think, I was dead for all those years and didn’t even know it!

If you have only ever gotten around 30 days, or 50, or even 60, I don’t think you’ve yet experienced the true change that takes place after a long time of celibacy (BTW this is 100 days hard mode).

HOW I SUCCEEDED: The reason I succeeded this time after failing for the last 4 years is by using a single technique that I first started using at the beginning of this streak, which I will share now: Flee from all temptations! Don’t try to fight temptations, run away from all of them! This means:

  • Stop looking at women’s bodies when you’re walking down the street, focus on their faces.
  • Stop fantasizing about sex, or sexual situations.
  • Stop thinking about sex and sexuality completely.
  • Stop watching sexually charged music videos.
  • Stop watching sex scenes.
  • Stop looking at lingerie ads.
  • Flee from sexual situations.
  • Flee from sexual triggers.
  • Avoid arousal.

This technique is what has been always employed by men since ancient times, and it is still what’s taught by people today. For example, here’s two guys who are teaching it as well:…ousal-method-celibacy-of-body-and-mind.14525/
Someone else has discovered this technique: “I have been having my best success yet and feel the most balanced by adopting a mindset of no sexual arousal at all. Peeking delays recovery. Thinking about sex delays recovery. I feel that now. I am in a place where I push any sexual thought out of my mind instantly. Its working well.”

You have to understand that your brain has been changed by PMO, and that your brain needs to undergo another change to return to it’s normal state. By not going down the same old neuropathways by looking at sexual pictures and thinking sexual thoughts, you start to make these neuropathways starve. You stop using them and they go out of business.

I think that all the motivational posts, the reasons people give themselves to stop PMO, the countless posts arguing why PMO is bad, will never be enough to make someone stop PMO. I think that the addiction is so strong that when one is being tempted and doesn’t get away from it, that they will give in no matter what motivational quote is told them. Now I’m not saying that all the motivational stuff is not helpful, just that the only thing that worked for me was the technique I explained above.

If you’ve resolved many times to finally stop PMO and are still falling back, you are doing something wrong. I experienced the same thing, and it was ONLY when I changed tactics and employed the “flee fornication” technique that I stopped PMO.

Here’s some advice. Stop thinking that you will change your bad habits “one day”, that you will start changing your life for the better “one day”. You need to do it now. You CAN do it now. Take the first step now.

If you’ve failed many times trying to succeed, and it’s even been many years of failure, don’t lose hope. Look at me. I was just like you and I overcame this.

If you’ve heard that hard mode is excessive, or that doing NoFap doesn’t really help, don’t believe it. Semen retention is so essential to a man’s life. Not only that, but a life filled with pornography and sexual stimulation, sexual thinking, fantasizing, oogling, etc. actually changes one’s brain and brings down our quality of life substantially. I think this may be a major reason why many men today wonder why they were so happy and bright as children, but after they hit puberty they weren’t anymore.

By the way, the changes haven’t stopped coming. More and more my strength and life is increasing, and it seems it will never end. Maybe after 7 years I will come full circle and be completely returned to normal? Or maybe it will happen sooner than that? I don’t really know how this works in detail. And sorry for this post being so long. I’ve tried my best to edit it.

LINK – 100 days! How I did it after trying for 4 years, and the amazing benefits.

by Neonic95