Age 21 – Helped save people during earthquake, my grades, body, mind and moral code have improved


I’m from Mexico and there was a huge earthquake and a building fell down, I helped two people escape. I couldn’t have done it without Nofap, I just literally wanted to help. I believe a really long Nofap streak like mine gives you the extra benefit of really caring about other human beings besides your own.

I improved my grades, my appearance, my body, my mind, and now I’m improving my morals and code.

And I believe I don’t want to end my days fapping, guys literally what if I was fapping, and I couldn’t have escaped and also I couldn’t have saved two people from dying? So I’m grateful.

Edit: I’m not saying that without Nofap I wouldn’t have done it perhaps I would have also I am not Saying Nofap gives you any physical superpower but for me Nofap was the stepping stone to change myself and now, but what I am saying is that I just have the control of myself that I could react fast under intense trauma. And, I believe during my long streak of Nofap after I improved myself and got rid of the addiction I really start caring about others too. I just want to say do not lose your hopes and dreams to fapping, we can die at any moment and death is always near.

You must be reaching for your goals and dreams every day. There’s no perfect time, perfect moment or perfect opportunity. Perfection doesn’t exist. You must start Now or your dreams and goals would just die with thyself. And in the end the only thing that stay with humanity after your short passage through history are your contributions to it! imagine how many people lost family members due to the earthquake, for example the brother of one friend of mine died at his university here in Mexico City. I have classes with her and I truly don’t know what to say.

I believe you don’t care about dead because we always see it like a really distant thing but when you know you can die any minute it makes you rethink your whole life and realize what you have lost for thinking this way. And the true sadness of losing a family member or a friend. So I wnat you guys to understand that you can die tomorrow and the only thing you leave behing are your contributions to mankind! So poets, engineers, businessman, muscicians, we must realize and do not ppatergate all the dreams and goals you have because you will never accomplish them without starting there’s no perfect time or perfect moment. Just start

It’s okay to be selfish, when you persue your path to success. It’s not okay to be selfish when people are dying and you can help them escape. The situation is better I helped till 3 am, right now the mexican army and navy are helping with professional hands to help save them, around 14 registered building have collapsed and until tomorrow we can expect to continue saving trapped people inside the buildings. there have been reports of several building collapsing. My sister’s university was almost destroyed. I am literally helping as much as I can right now. Also delivering goods for people that suffered the collapse of their building.

Once you have surpassed the addiction and start bettering yourself daily you really start caring about others too, eother women or men. And without hesitantion you can act quickly to complicated situations like mine. I believe seeing and watching people helping really moves your heart and change you as a person.

If you want to change the world start by changing yourself first! So nofap was the stepping stone in becoming who I wanted to be as a person, citizen, lover and family member.

I wake at 6 am everyday go to the hardest college in my country, work out and work to provide for my mother and sister. I’m just saying nofap was the first hardest thing I did in my life and it changed myself for the better being able to help and save two people trapped inside a building. Nofap has a place in my heart for being the seed of all this great things I have done

LINK – Today I saved two people

By Blackkillerjoe