Age 21 – How I cured my sexual dysfunctions (ED and PIED and desensitization) and how you can too


If you read this, I assume porn ruined your sexual life. Maybe, just like me 2 years and a half ago, you just discovered that you can’t have an erection with a girl. This is what happened to me, and it was difficult. But I am cured, and I am going to tell you exactly what to do, how do to it and why to resolve this issue in your life.

Masturbating to internet porn destroys our brains. It isolates us. It makes your life dark and sad. And, when you really do too much Porn: You become impotent.

Don’t worry, I was, and I’m not anymore.

This guide is meant to cure your sexual disfunctions, that’s all. No bullshit data, no “I don’t masturbate because it hurts my soul” hahaha

Here is what I did, and what you should do if you can get it up/can’t reach orgasm with a girl

  • No porn
  • No masturbation
  • No sex for the first 30 days

After 30 days of NoFap, try to have sex with a real partner. You will go trough 3 phases.

  • Phase 1: you can’t get an erection
  • Phase 2: you can get an erection but you can’t reach orgasm
  • Phase 3: you can get an erection and reach orgasm easily= You are cured

If you indulged a lot in Porn in your past, ou probably will be at phase 1 for a few weeks after the 30 days; Maybe even for one month or two for the worst cases.
Stay patient, your body heals as fast as he can, you can’t rush your body.

Spend as much time a spossible with your lover, cuddling, talking, kissing. You need that to get your brain used to real connections again.

One day, you will, at your won suprise, get an erection: you are at phase 2. Congratulations. Now, it can take between a few days and sevral months to go from phase 2 to phase 3, depending of your situation.

What you should do when in phase 2:

  • Now that you can get erections, use it to have sex: that is what you need to heal. But don’t rush for the orgasm: if you do, the old Porn related neural pathways will be reactivated. What you need to do: Karezza sex (look on internet). Try to be as present as possible with your partner during intimacy. Don’t get lost in your head, be here, fully. That’s how you reach phase 3.

Once you are in phase 3:

  • Congratulations, you are cured. Now, how to be cured forever:
  • Don’t ever watch porn again.
  • Don’t masturbate for at least one or two months after being cured.
  • Don’t masturbate often, it ould lead you back to porn.
  • Have as much sex as possible: you need that to strengthen the good sex neural pathways.

Don’t get me wrong, masturbation is perfectly healthy. But as gys who were/are damged by porn, we have to be cautious.

Some timeline guides:

Noah Church reached phase 2 in about 42 days (I think), and phase 3 in 72 days.

I reached phase 2 and 3 at the same time in 28 days, but only because in the last 2 years I did several streaks and relapses.

One last tip: tell your sexual partner about your issue, and what you do to be cured. It will relieve you from a lot of pressure .

Here is the video from Noah Church, that you should watch: How long to recover from porn-induced erectile dysfunction (PIED)?

Relapse is not an option. You can’t hurt yourself anymore, you deserve more than that. Good luck guys



Studies linking porn use or porn/sex addiction to sexual dysfunctions, lower brain activation to sexual stimuli, and lower sexual satisfaction


LINK – How I cured my sexual disfunctions (ED and PIED and desensitization) and how you can to

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