Age 21 – I am 10x the man I was 3 months ago

I have made it comrades. A few days ago I was on the verge of relapse, the enemy attacks in waves when we least expect it, but with your encouragement I have held the line.

As a philosopher, I will try to give you some of my core thoughts trough this intresting journey of abstinence.

When I made my last relapse post 90 days ago I said that you cannot artificially simulate dignity. I was right, I am more dignified now then I ever was as it’s a consequence of my own strenght and actions, not drugs or highlighted dopamine circuits. This is not just about nofap, no fap is a good foundation for self-improvement. Nofap builds you fuel that I never knew we men had. I am 10x the man I was 3 months ago, and I am rightfully proud of it.

as for tips to get here: my method was keep busy, I am writing two books, studying hard, read a shitload of intresting literature, exercise hard and MEDITATE ( important for spiritual strenght and amazing once you get the hang of it). 3 months ago I needed the verification of females to feel worthy and valuable, now the only thing I need to do is get up in the morning and put my feet on the ground. I posses, produce and receive my own value, an important skill I needed to learn to be a man I think.

What helps me most about this forum is that I go on it every night, try to find a soldier struggling. Not a victory tale but a weakened soul, and I tell him what I think is the truth and why his doubts are unjustified. Telling someone here to hold the line is virtually the same as telling it to myself, but if feels better and different. I strongly recommend this.

Also I started appreciating the fact that we are mostly privileged men. We have the ability to learn and create, to soak up knowledge like a stubborn sponge, to simply eat right and create a very powerful body by the mere right choices in exercise and diet. We would be fools if we do not use these endless possibilities to create something beautiful. Take from this life what is rightfully yours comrades, do not succumb to weakness.

Superpowers’ is a stupid word for greatness. A ‘streak’ is a silly way of saying determination. I do not care anymore about my testosterone levels. What I know is that if I continue like this for four more times, I will have done in a year what i would normally do in 4. I think it is important to realize that an addict should not simply abstain from his addiction, for it is unwise, you take instant pleasure away and replace it with… nothing. We have to redefine ourselves, fill the gaps of every aspect of our personality, internal and external, to create a man that is better and stronger then the one you decided not to be anymore. And this is not an easy task.

Thus I stopped arguiing over my decision to nofap with people I know, I started to recreate myself, for I, me, SergioTheBeast, will be a better argument then any hormonal hypothesis or semen retention consequence. You will have to change your mindset, habits and small but precious parts which you were convinced of they were essential to who you are. But it will be worth it comrades. Create not a man, but a giant, a god amog mere mortals, and when you rise, there will be a sun and moon eclipse and the same time by the mere size of both your testicles.

Good luck. Hold the line. No fear no shame. Glory to the people. Make the progession of the day it’s own goddamn victory. We are not citizens or husbands, employees or dudes, we are biologically predestined warriors.

PS: I would like to see more improvement threads and knowledge being shared on this sub then mere updates on how,why,since,etc we are able not to touch our dicks. Imo the potential of this collective energy we are creating is greater than that. Questions or thoughts will be answered btw, Peace out.

LINK – Glory to the people (90 days hardmode report)

by sergiothebeast