Age 21 – I am a happier person, My social skills have increased & conversations flow, Getting a lot more attention from girls, Morning wood is returning


Today marks the 64th day I have gone without PMO. It was very difficult not to give in to temptation but I made it! Many times I wanted to give in but I was reminded by the failures to get it up that I had in my past relationship from a year ago and that fueled my abstinence from PMO. Now for the benefits!

  • In general I am a happier person.
  • My social skills have increased and conversation flows more naturally than before.
  • I do have a much better confidence level,
  • I can now start conversations and look people in the eyes while speaking.
  • I recorded my voice on the last day I PMO’d on July 2nd, then recorded myself again today and there is a huge difference in the deepness of my voice! It’s deeper and more profound. I sound exactly how a 21 year old man should sound.
  • I have no problems falling asleep anymore but I do wake up still tired on some days even after a full nights rest.
  • Lastly, I am getting a lot more attention from girls. Last week I was at the store and I caught this cute girl staring at me from behind the shelves. I said hello and went on about my shopping. Then in the checkout line she kept looking at me every few seconds and looking away when we made eye contact. This has happened many times since no PMO. I have been told I am a good looking athletic guy but its happening more frequently.
  • My morning wood is starting to come back and physically I am more chiseled. I was always muscular but now the fat is falling off.

The only things I haven’t experienced are wet dreams but my dreams are more vivid now. My goal is to continue to 90 days and beyond.

Life without PMO is great, keep pushing on fapstronauts!

LINK – 64 Days Doneeee 😀

by FappieChan

UPDATE  –150 + Days of NoFap LIFESTYLE! My experiences + Tips

Whats up everybody? JackieNoFappieChan checking in after a 2 year hiatus from this website lol to tell you about the last 150 + days of my life since I have decided to adopt the nofap lifestyle. Long post ahead with useful info so grab your popcorn !

The last 150+ days have been crazy. I say 150+ because i stopped counting at day 150. So I don’t know the exact date but I do know my last fap was in the later part of February of this year. In February I hit an all time low mentally, physically and spiritually. I was beating my meat atleast 4x a week, sometimes 4x a day. I had no motivation, no drive and no zest for life. I knew nofap wouldn’t directly fix all of my problems but from my last streaks of abstinence , I knew it would be the catalyst that sparks the change I needed in my life.

So whats changed? Literally everything. I’m not even sure where to start. First let’s talk about my mentality. While I was fapping 4+ times a week I always felt anxious. Almost like there was a cloud above my head. I felt as though the world was watching everything I did and that made it hard in my daily life. I always thought the worst would happen in any and every situation. Even at the time I knew it was illogical to think that way but for some reason I just couldn’t shake it. This mentality stopped me from doing alot of things I wanted to do because of what people thought or people would see me do it. NOW I have the most idgaf attitude a 24 year old guy can have. I have this unwavering confidence and security about everything I do. I am looking everybody in the eyes during conversation, especially girls and speaking more confidently too as my thoughts in my head seem to come out much more smoothly. One random thing is that random people are starting conversations with me more. I kid you not I have had more people come up and talk to me in the last 7 months than have in the last year and a half. It happens everyday no matter where I go. Its like I’m an energy magnet just attracting people. The girls seem to be staring at me more than before and I’ve had instances where girls have approached me and given me there numbers. I go after girls alot more too. When I see a girl i think is cute, I have an urge to go talk to her. Its got to be my brain healing from seeing distorted images of pornstars all those months ago.

Okay lets talk about physical changes. It has been so much easier to get in shape. While I was fapping I was going to the gym consistently 5x per week for about a year and saw no results except for strength. Since February I have been going 3-4x per week, lost 30lbs and gained 8lbs of muscle. I get so many compliments from girls at work on how i look more chiseled muscular. I also have more energy in the gym and my strength has gone through the roof. My voice has deepened alot. Im talking about from Steve Carrell to Mufasa lol I took a recording of myself on day 1 and day 150 and listened to them both. The difference is night and day. The last physical change is hair growth. Ive always had a full thick head of hair but it grows faster and even thicker now. Even my beard that usually grew in patchy has grown into a full ass beard now.

Now ill go into some tips that helped me:
1. Know your triggers!
If you know that scrolling through that one model’s instagram is going to trigger you, eliminate the trigger before it even starts. Peeking too. Your brain will tell you ” OH its just a peek, I won’t relapse” DONT TAKE THE CHANCE. Know what causes you to relapse and remove that from the equation.

2. Change your environment!
Most of us relapse in our bedroom with our phone or laptop. In that case change your environment. Take your computer out of your room. If you relapse at night with your phone, put it in the drawer as soon as you hit the bed at night so the temptation is lessened. Guys these little things go a long way.

3. REPLACE that bad habit!
Probably the most important one for me in making nofap a lifestyle instead of a “streak”. When u stop PMOing it’ll leave a void of dopamine that your brain is going to want to fill. Do something productive that you like doing. For me it was socializing or working out. When i got the PMO urge I either hopped up and went to the gym or called up a friend to go hang out and or talk it up. I loved those two things so much that I eventually didn’t even have fapping on my mind anymore.

4. Eventually stop counting the days!
For me this worked. Early on I would always relapse around the 10-15 day mark. IT was like as soon as I saw the 10 day counter on my phone app, my brain would be like “its time to relapse.” So to try to psych myself out, i only counted the months. I put a reminder in my phone for every 30 days that said “Next month of no PMO” . Then I’d literally forget about it until it sounded off and it was already the next month. So for 5 months thats what I did and at the 5th month I completely stopped counting anything. Fapping has not even crossed my mind since then.

I hope all this info helped you guys out even a little. Just don’t give up. I’ve been at rock bottom where I’d even relapse 4x in one day ,not getting past 3 days and felt completely hopeless like I’d never break free. But look where I am now! Happier and healthier than I could have even imagined back then. You can do it. This delayed gratification is worth it. Just remember it is not your fault you got addicted, you may have been young, misinformed, not knowing what you were getting into when you PMO’d for the first time. But staying addicted IS your fault. It IS a choice. CHOOSE to take control back. IF you guys have any questions feel free to ask! Good Luck!