Age 21 – I am developing self discipline, voice is deeper, I stand up for myself


I am growing more chest hair.
My voice seems fuller/deeper.
I enjoy approaching women and starting a conversation.

Making mistakes and learning from my mistakes is the only way to improve.

I started Brazilian Jujitsu around the time I quit porn, masturbation, and orgasm.
I quit the gym (by alot). Il still go a few times a month. I figure that i’d rather be a black belt in BJJ than a black belt in the gym.
I focus hard in my classes, and study hard at home.
I am developing self discipline.
I have decided to start making my bed every single day, as an exercise in discipline.
I read the scriptures every single day, also a practice in discipline. I am transferring the energy I would usually waste in PMO and channeling it in other areas of my life.
Also, I am not letting anybody walk over me, I stand up for myself.
If it is all placebo, its the best placebo effects ever.

I’ve had several half-heated attempts earlier in my life. I am 21. I quit because I do not want to be a slave to my desires, also because it is a sin against YHWH. I quit for self discipline.

LINK – Things I have noticed since starting this journey. Aka the superpowers.

by lLoveTruth