Age 21 – I can now achieve my goals

I am a 21 year old man. Was addicted to PMO since I was 16. I would PMO 4-6 times a day to pathetic fetish videos. Had no friends, no happiness, no motivation, no life, felt like a loser.

I started my nofap journey in 2014 October, but failed consistently. Because of this i was diagnosed with depression and hypertension (155/110) in July 2015. I was prescribed antidepressants and painkillers. Relapsing again and again, i found an escape in painkillers and started to misuse them (6-8 at a time). I failed in my university exams and hit the rock bottom.

How I Changed

Having hit the rock bottom i reached a situation where i had nothing to lose. Over the year I had done a lot of spiritual readings which made me understand why all this happened. I read texts on Brahmachary which explained the importance of retaining semen in ones body and how every time you orgasm a part of you dies. It also explained about Ojas energy which develops upon abstinence. Having gained this knowledge i finally decided to dive into my journey. In addition to nofap and noporn i took cold showers daily and meditated for 20 min daily. I couldn’t hit the gym because of my shoulder injury but its highly recommended.

How was my journey?

To be honest it was the most difficult thing i had ever done. It tested my self control to the core. I made me cry, made me come to my knees and mocked me. But there is one thing i did I DID NOT GIVE UP I tolerated all the pain and temptations and fought the enemy bravely. I spent a lot of sleepless and teary nights but i did not give up. However the last 30 days were fairly easy and more or less effortless.

What are the benifits/What have I become

I’ll be very honest. I have not become a superman. But my life has changed. I feel a deep peace and joy inside me, a sense of fulfillment that i felt when i was a child, that i have been longing for throughout my adolescence. I can see the truth and i realize that present moment is perfect and everything I had ever wanted. However I believe this is not only because of nofap but also because of regular meditation, prayer and faith. Also yes, I do have mood swings and bad days, but they are becoming less and less frequent and tolerable. I have friends, I am improving my grades, I enjoy life and I am alive. Here are a few of the benefits

1)Greater happiness, joy and peace.

2)Increased focus and sharper mind.

3)Better Self control and will power.

4)Greater Confidence and Courage.

5)Natural attractiveness and Radiance.

6)Goals are now achieved.

7)I enjoy small things like time with my family and friends. etc

Some Tips

1) Be a man, look into the eyes of the enemy and tell him that you will defeat him no matter what. The only way to win this war is by not giving up.

2) Understand that this journey is a life or death journey for you. Yes believe me it is. You will never be able to taste the joy and happiness and love of life unless you uproot PMO completely from your life.

3) Please for god’s sake don’t do this to lose virginity or to bang real girls. You will fail miserably. I am telling you in advance. The entire purpose of this will be defeated. Understand that lust is the enemy and will always sting you back. Understand what misuse of sexual energy and wastage of precious semen has done to your body and to your life. Understand that sex is to make babies in boundaries of marriage, Its a creative energy, the greatest force on the earth, don’t misuse it ever.

4) In addition to nofap and noporn, take regular cold showers and meditate daily. (and also exercise) I know a lot of people will not like me for this, but begin your journey to find God. Pray and surrender and see the magic. I won’t elaborate this point. If anyone wants me to elaborate on this point, leave a comment, I’ll create a new post.

5) Lastly, ITS POSSIBLE, I know how it feel and i have been into your position. A lot of people have defeated the enemy before, You just have to decide and the enemy will run away. It is coward. You are Brave.

Lastly thank you so much to this community, you are the best people on internet. It’s very rare to find such a helpful community on internet. And yes you people are very brave and lucky that you have decided to commence this journey. Thank you. I will answer every question you ask in comments. 🙂


by newlyf7