Age 21 – I don’t want to escape, now I want to know how it feels to do things I’ve envied others for doing.

I finished my 90 Nofap challenge and it was easier than I expected luckily. I’ve read countless 90-day reports to keep me going throughout and so I feel it is my duty to create a reddit account just to post this. Hopefully it helps you guys out and gets you through some tough times like it did me.

I apologise in advance for spelling I’m typing on a broken 4year old Xperia phone and very tired.

The TL DR version is at the bottom of this post but here is my full report.

So back story, Im 21 years old nearly 22, decided not to go to Uni, in Part-time min wage job, single, virgin, can only count 2 friends I see every other weekend. I don’t feel sad or down, I know I have a good life ahead. I have dreams of going into entertainment business not as a career but as a passion and I’m very confident in that regard.

So onto Nofap.

Strangely enough my first Nofap ‘experience’ was when was 14years old. I had been PMO’ing since 11 al my life I pretty much thought it healthy and normal (In today’s heavily sexualized world, it is normal) My first experience of feeling sexually stimulated was TRIGGER ALERT playing WWE WrestleMania XIX on GameCube and discovering how turned on I was by a female wrestler’s entrance video. Prior to this, I wasn’t at all interested in girls, but from that point on I would always become nervous and sweat alot around girls who I thought were pretty.

Anyway when I was 14, for some reason I DID NOT masturbate for 5 days. I was incredibly horny and irritable, suffering from typical symptoms us guys go through on NoFap. Being shy and introverted at the time, I had 2 incredibly hot girls in my class hitting on me on my fifth day. Keep in mind, Im 14 years old and my brains telling me “Wow this is awesome!, maybe they can smell my sperm!” I was disappointed.though, as I found they were teasing me infront of everyone. I was that inexperienced with girls I didn’t even understand until afterwards. So forgetting about my short streak, I finished school and made it to college. At 17 years old I watched the film ’40 days and 40 nights’ starring Josh Hartnett which inspired me to start another streak. It was extremely challenging, but I actually made it to around 60-70 days. What I realize now what I was doing wrong was I was still watching porn and jacking it just not Oing. So on this streak, I always felt on edge and was heavily objectifying women than when I was PMOing everyday. I consciously made plans to masturbate one evening because I felt I wasn’t benefiting at all from my streak. I read studies online at the time which pointed at testosterone levels peaking at 5-7 days after no masturbation then reverting to normal afterwards. So thinking there was no point in continuing, I jacked and while I expected it to feel amazing it was… Ok… Mediocre…. I felt like ehh whatever afterwards.

So fast toward to me starting this streak. By chance I happened to not masturbate for about 5 or 6 days during my working week (probably because I was tired and busy, I often did the deed to help me sleep but obviously I was very tired) Going into work after those few days I felt… I felt like an alpha… Like an action hero… I held eye contact with everyone and felt really good. So one evening I found nofap online (I knew of it previously, but never involved myself) I watched several YouTubes that made me relate to slot of what these Nofap gurus were saying and I thought holy shit – is this for real? Could this actually work?

So I took the challenge and my life felt better during these 90 days of no PMO than the opposite of that.

However, those who are new or have questions listen carefully. If you take one thing away from this post make sure you take this. You’ll read alto of posts on here and this is incredibly important.


Yes I hate reading capitals too but this is so important I cannot stress this enough. DO NOT EDGE. EVER. PORN OBJECTIFIES WOMEN AND WARPS YOUR MIND. This may sound incredibly cliche and Im sure you’ve heard it a million times on here but it’s true. Porn is the real enemy in this.

When I didn’t watch porn or anything else like it, it could look a beautiful woman in her eyes, give her a nice smile and get a smile back. I didn’t just feel comfortable doing this, I felt fantastic! It’s amazing! I have had girls and dudes gravitate towards me, strangers/co-workers alike and build rapport like never before. I really cannot describe what a huge difference avoiding porn makes. I have been tempted so many times to watch it, but I didn’t and I was always rewarded if I didn’t.

Thank you for staying with me if you have thus far! It just feels so great to talk about this with you Jedis, you super saiyans, you beasts, my heroes. You guys are seriously fucking amazing. Your man enough to do this I know you are. Fuck the generation of PMO, you guys rise above and you’ll master your futures. Ive read post after post of people saying this but it’s true.

Now, we’re approaching the end of my incredibly long post. So I want to talk about the dreaded….

FLATLINE. Yes it’s real, but it means something.

I flatlined form around day 12 to probably day 40 or 50. I know it sounds scary, and it was. If I could describe it as best I could, I say I pretty much felt like I was when I was PMOing, but my dick was shriveled and small, I felt emasculated, like Nofap wasn’t working, like I was nervous, shy and sweating like a waterfall in front of people, stuttering etc I felt like saying “Fuck this, Nofap is BS and you feel exactly the same as you do before after the 6 days or so, what’s the point?” The flatline is the the most crucial part of Nofap, you feel worthless and dont see the point in continuing. I have read in several places that the flatline is your brain rewiring your reward circuit. Essential saying “What? No porn? No dopamine? But Im so lonely without female contact fake or not 🙁 ” as you go on your brain will think “Ok. So I can’t get off in that way, guess I’ll have to go off and find real women”

So I’m at around 60 days and I discovered the greatest.thing thing that helped my confidence, my perspiration problem and just life in general. Your thinking “Ok what’s he going to say that I’ve heard before? Cold showers? Meditation?”

Well yes and yes, but what actually improved my life by I’d say a tleast 3X was drum roll please… WORKING OUT.

I 100% am positive working out brought me out of my flatline. Not watching porn and working out was what made me feel so amazing.and confident. Now im a big dude, always have been overweight, been bullied.because of it. And Im always one of the jot so fit looking guys in the gym. But my Nofap streak helped me power through workouts even more so that when I was at peak fitness in my life around last year.

So I’ll say this again in hope it will help you my brothers.

Porn makes you objectify women thus making you absolutely suck with the ladies. Working out releases endorphins into your dopamine deprived brain thus making you feel more fantastic than before.

So im at 90days, im back in the gym tomorrow on my 2 days off and I’m waiting until my payday in a week or so so I can buy some nice clothes, nice shoes, find myself a nice girl, get a wicked body, get a new job, chase my dreams and man I dunno! It’s so difficult to stop writing because I haven’t talked to anyone about this or even written on here despite lurking for so long.

If I can tell you want I want to do with my life I really want to have a girlfriend. Nofap had made me feel lonely although that’s a good thing. It’s helped me to wake up and realize if I want something or someone I have to go out and get it. I know chasing women isn’t the point of Nofap and life in general but I’ve never had a GF, never kissed, never had sex. Now I don’t want to escape, now I want to know how it feels to do things I’ve envied others for doing. No fap and working out makes me feel unstoppable and it will for you too!

TL DR No fap is the real deal. Don’t watch porn at all. Workout. Cold showers. Meditation. Standard of life is through the roof. I cannot thank this community enough thank you! 120 days here I come! I love you brothers! The world is yours!

LINK – After reading dozens of ’90 Day’ posts, here is my 90 Day report.

by maffew4374