Age 21 – I had crippling social anxiety, no friends, and no motivation: Everything has changed.

First of all, this works. I had no experience whatsoever with girls (sexual or otherwise), crippling social anxiety, no friends and an underdeveloped upper body disproportionate to my frame.

I was addicted to video games (another source of dopamine addiction).

  • Since quitting porn, I have noticed a marked increase in confidence. Being around others, in conversation and in settings, makes me feel happy. I have gained friends and been to parties. (Likely a product of dopamine receptors resensitizing and using social neural pathways as a key, alternative source of dopamine).
  • I flirted with, asked my first girl out and got my first number. I would never have done this, as masturbating to porn daily for the past 10 years (I am 21) satisfied my biological need to “reproduce” so in real life, I had no motivation around women. Now, the exact opposite!
  • I have noticed a significant increase in upper body mass, in particular my traps, deltoids (shoulder muscles), biceps, triceps and pectorals. This is possibly a result of a greater motivation to work out and exercise (finding an alternative dopamine/motivation source). Fat loss has also been significant. Overall I am thicker and tighter, and my ass has gotten smaller (sorry for weird description) . I believe this is also because (since I am now not masturbating to porn once a day) my androgen receptors have had a chance to resensitize and work correctly to build up my natural muscle development. I have been working out only very infrequently (push-ups once every 2 weeks) so there has to be another explanation for the increase.
  • I have noticed that others seem to give me more respect in comparison to before.

However – this is an ongoing commitment. Last night I encountered a relapse by running into some Internet materials (not porn, but close). Funnily, as soon as I saw them, my heart began to pound, teeth started chattering, literally began to shake!

Next year, I can only hope for the very best. With a newfound confidence, the future is uncertain, but I will make it into what I can.

Thank you for all the support over these last five months. Just reading the stories and comments of so many brothers has kept my own motivation steely and gave me a heartfelt feeling that I am not alone in this

LINK – Year-End Report!

by Stagafuliza