Age 21 – I know what I want and how to obtain it, never afraid or insecure

I have practiced nofap for about 2 years now and just recently have mastered it. Superpower and feelings:

  • Feel great in the morning even after 6 hours sleep.
  • Strong and durable workouts in the gym, can do more even without motivation.
  • Women magnet: I attract a lot of gazes, they stare at me for 5/10 seconds directly in the eyes. I feel like a hypnotizer and did not know how to react at the beginning, now I just smile 🙂 I also feel free and easily give complements.
  • I know what I want and how to obtain it. I’ve started worrying more about my position and follow my interest, this has improved a lot my bank account.
  • Mind clearance. I can study easily and focus on difficult subjects. Passed 3 university exams with a 10 days preparation with great marks.
  • Never afraid or insecure. Can be myself with attractive girls and don’t worry about what they think, instead worry about what I feel about them and should I spend my time with them. Put myself easily on the leading position and maintain it expressing my thoughts and desires.
  • Enjoy being with my family. This came recently, the understanding of my family and the preciousness of the time spent together. I like having dialogues with my mom and dad and have a dinner together or watch a film. Just understand that one day they will be gone and you will regret all negative discussions.

In general I enjoy a lot how this is going so far and my productivity is great, I’ve read a lot of books and get a lot done in my job. I am still behind with some exams and my gym expectations. I also want to give you an advice: you will extremely rise your productivity but you are still a human and it is very very important to have some relax. Don’t worry too much, don’t have super great expectations because some factors do not depend on you. Also you can still have fun, keep playing videogames, watch tv series and go out with friend (smoke weed is not recommended), but you have to do this with moderation and you will revaluate all this things and enjoy them more.

I’m 21. At the end I’m just a guy living on this planet, so why not to be happy with what you are and what you have and enjoy your time here?

Stay strong guys!

by mayyx