Age 21 – I love life way more than I used to. Mentally stronger, More empathetic, Stronger immune system


Learned about NoFap last year. Had an on and off thing. (First time went cold turkey for 82 days, relapsed, 60 days, relapsed, 30 days, relapsed, etc..) Now I have no idea what I’m on but probably around 2 months. I think my brain is 90% healed by now. Thought I’d share my experience here.


  • mentally stronger,
  • stronger immune system (used to get sick like 6 times during every college semester, the past semester I got sick once DESPITE a higher workload AND drinking a lot more on weekends),
  • more empathetic,
  • more sensitive,
  • and the most underrated quality of all: more aware.
  • I love life way more than I used to.

Drawbacks: the withdrawals. Holy fucking shit dude. I had craaaazy withdrawals that lasted around 7 months (I did relapse a few times in between though). I’m a college student. Without any exaggeration, I’ll describe a couple symptoms just to show you how much of a demon fapping to porn is, and for the people who say NoFap is a “placebo”:

1) Mutant anxiety – it’s like a different type of anxiety that triggered intense nausea and vomiting. I puked every morning on stressful days. Combine that with my decision to take a public speaking class –> I couldn’t eat for a day before every presentation. This anxiety triggered a general lack of appetite too. I’m 6’1 and was 164 lbs the start of the semester, dropped to 147lbs at my lowest point (3 month span). Certain situations that normally would induce anxiety started inducing what I might be able to describe as panic attacks.

2) Extreme lust when anticipating going to the bars that also triggers vomiting: if I go anywhere knowing there will be hot girls showing skin, I lose my shit. I get so lustful that I end up puking and can’t even down a beer. I have spent nights playing fucking chess on my phone in the middle of the bar to distract myself from girls: if I peeked at a girl twerking I get a feeling so intense I end up needing to puke. If I did pull a girl (which i didn’t) I probably would have lasted 0.3 seconds MAX and blew a load so huge the girl would drown.

Things that helped me grow:

Aside from meditation, I think the #1 thing that made me grow is that I sort of developed a perverted desire for anxiety. With these withdrawals, I knew the semester was going to be a rough ride, but I fucking went all in. I relapsed twice during the semester after waking up hungover and too horned up from going to bars the previous night, and surprise surprise, the withdrawals fucking vanished for a couple days. They would come back after a few days of abstaining.

Lastly, I would like to say that NoFap, by itself, DOES NOT SOLVE YOUR PROBLEMS. However, it makes you more clearly aware of your problems and gives you the motivation & desire to fix them.

TLDR; NoFap worked for me. Thank god i stumbled across it and decided to partake.

LINK – Worked for me

by jesse zayd