Age 21 – I no longer objectify women, My ability to connect with people is stronger, Feel like a new man

Hello everyone! A little background about me, I am a junior in college who is now once again undecided. I have been participating in challenges from this sub for years and my longest streaks have been around 100-110 days. I am about to break my record and go even further on my NoFap journey.

My ability to connect with people is stronger, and I am control of my sexual desires. Don’t get me wrong, the urges are still there but the idea of a real woman beats PMO any day.

One of the things that I am most grateful for obtaining on this journey is that I no longer objectify women. That was a huge problem for me up until now. I have created powerful bonds with women this semester not related to sex at all, and i am really proud of that. My desire for self-improvement has sky-rocketed, and I want to keep building myself into something really amazing.

However, it has not always been peaches and honey. There are times my libido was so low I thought my dick was broken. It is one of the most uncomfortable experiences you will go through but one of the most rewarding as well. It makes you resilient and makes you appreciate the little things in life.

Stay strong, keep going and don’t give up. I don’t what’s yet to come in the next 109 days, but I’m damn sure ready for it!

LINK – 109 days report. Feel like a new man.

by emonybz