Age 21 – I see women now more as people rather than objects.

Hi Everyone,

I am 21 years old. I’ve been struggling with an addiction to porn and masturbation for 3 years, beginning since I was 16. My addiction was pretty bad in my opinion. I watched porn and masturbated on a daily basis.  The longest I could hold out was 3 days before I would relapse. I am now masturbation and porn free and have been for 2 complete years (with the exception of one 3 month long relapse).

The reason I wanted to stop my addiction was because I decided that it was wrong and I felt ashamed and disgusted doing it. I tried everything I could possibly think of to stop and everything failed. In my lack of hope of ever recovering, I prayed to God in tears. Up until that point, I did not really believe in God or, at least, that He could do anything to help me. I prayed the rosary. My life has been completely changed since that day I prayed. Here are the effects:

-I no longer masturbate or feel anxiety in not masturbating
-I no longer watch porn or feel anxiety in not watching porn
-I find myself instinctively looking away from alluring advertisements or scanty clothing
-I do not “undress” other women in my mind anymore
-My memory rarely bothers me anymore despite the fact of being jammed pack with three years of porn
-Porn is abhorrent to me now and I try to avoid it as much as possible and anything that reminds me of it
-I see women now more as people rather than objects to lust after
-I have begun to appreciate the sacredness of a woman’s body
-I enjoy the clarity and innocence of a pure mind
-I am more capable now in protecting my younger siblings from falling into a porn addiction

When I went through puberty, sex was the most important thing in my life. I couldn’t get it, so I would watch porn and masturbate as a substitute. Now, sex is not important to me. This has opened up a new way of life for me. Before, I was completely self-centered around my personal pleasure and how I could obtain it. That is not important to me now. What is important to me now is being a good person and being selfless.

Guys, if you are despairing in your efforts to conquer your addiction, remember that you always have a card up your sleeve that you can play. Whether you believe in God or not, praying will cure you. For me, it was an instant cure. I was so astonished at its potent effects that I would refer to my prayer time as “taking my drugs.” One rosary a day was all it took.

I am confident that praying the rosary will help you with your addiction. I am not here to proselytize anyone and I am prepared for a beating for suggesting God as a solution. I suffered so much with my addiction, so my heart is out there for those who are suffering to put an end to their addictions. I hope my story inspires you in your struggles and I am here for you if you need help.

Peace of Christ,


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BY – Dude21