Age 21 – I trust my life values and believe in my goals

I think the best benefits of nofap have been the growth of self-discipline, self-confidence and enjoying the small joys of life. This journey has been a wakeup to life.

I mean in this time I have been thinking very much my life and have learnt more than ever about myself. I think my self- confidense has developed to another level. Before nofap i felt at times very confident but the feeling could be at next week upside down. Nowadays my confident is deeper. My life values are nowadays so much clearer than before nofap and I have actively thought about them and made values clear for me. So I think my selfconfident is today in deeper level, it is more like trusting truly my life values and believing my goals. I believe that everybody should think these things, because real self-confidense come deep from nature it is not something you can act.

This journey has been a travel to reality. I think the main disadvantage in PMO is the escaping reality. I didn’t realize that before nofap, but on this day I can see the whole thing clearly. And the baddest thing in PMO is porn. I think everyone know the difference of feeling after session between PMO and MO. I believe that reason for that is clear and the one way is hormonal way. When we watch porn, we are constantly looking for more shocking videos and that makes the confuse and overload in dopamine center, which lead to feeling like shit. So we are getting too much shocks and too much dopamine. That is not natural way to get it. Another main disadvantage is more psychological but could leave larger scars. It is the escaping of reality. So when you feel bored or bad about something, you start to watch porn and forget all the bad things. You escape real life and fantasize about things that are not your real life. You throw out control from real life to fantasylife and when you have done, you feel shame and sloth. You feel shame about things you watched and maybe how much time you spent for that. You also realize that bad things have not gone away, rather they are worse in your mind, because you feel weaker now and you know you havent done anything to improve or deal the things. And you know you could do something to that things but you feel so weak and all your focus is in yourself and that bad feeling, so all your energy goes to “heal the feeling” or “waiting that better feeling come back. So, things remain to be done. This action confirm “feeling loser”- effect time to time when you do PMO, and we all know that it cant be good for us.

So PMO is bad way to escape reality. There is big difference in break away from reality for example in sports, videogames, real sex and in many other relaxing things. I even think that masturbating can be healthy if it is done right, but i am not sure that it is easy to weak human mind and not to speak of PMO-dependent. But the visio is that you should masturbate without losing sight of reality. Maybe that is thinking your real partner and as real sex that possibly it is with her. Another way is not fantasising at all, just being in moment and feel the feelings of masturbation. I think this should be health way to masturbate without feeling bad after session and that shouldn’t alienate you from reality. But like I said, im not sure is that possible to weak human mind, maybe i should test this sometime in the future.

It is 90 days passed after my last relapse and I feel great. I have allowed myself having real sex, so this has not been hardcore mode and I think it has not been necessary in my case. I want also underline that my nofap journey hasn’t been only 90 days. I have been in this about 8 months in total. 90 days is only my last and longest streak.

LINK – 90 days behind, my benefits and analyzing PMO

by Thebeast_insideofme


INITIAL POST – I am just so happy

I just want to say that i am so happy that i found this nofap six months ago. I have been so addicted to masturbation with porn from about 13years to 21. Fapping has been for me a substitute for a real life and exit from real world to my fantasy world. Now it is day 24 going on and i know that this will keep. I had 60 days streak last year but then i began to doubt the whole nofap thing and i relapse. Afterwards i think my relapse and doupt to nofap, i realized that i had lot of excuses to allow myself fapping again, but deep down i knew that it wasnt good for me.

I think this nofap joyrney had made me by now much more tougher guy. Nowadays my self-discipline is better in all things. I stand behind my life values and leave the comfort zone more freguently. And i think my comfort zone has expanded very much in last 6 months. Today i know myself better and i know the beast inside of me is waking up. But there is long way to go. I need to get my brain in shape and restore dopamine sýstem back to factory settings. I have to thank you all for motivational and encouraging writings here and hope you guys continue this way of life!