Age 21 – I was given my life power back


I’m 21, I suffered from porn addiction for about nine years, and the benefits I’ve had from quitting are just crazy. My life is different, can’t probably mention everything. It’s like I was given my life power back.

I am calm, I do gym 3-5 times a week, and physically I’ve never been in a better condition. But I think that the greatest blessings I received were spiritual. I feel calm, stable and slowly but surely I’m going to forget everything regarding my old addiction.

We all are in this war against pornography. It is a horrible weapon, set to destroy you, your future, your family and everything that is important to you. There are people how have been fighting for over 10, 20, even 30 or more years, and it seems hopeless. This brings me to a conclusion, we cannot win by time, I mean, porn just won’t stop. There’s always more, more sick and evil stuff lying around in the internet, where anyone can stumble and get addicted.

“oh man my life would be so easy without porn, I wish I’d never found it in the first place..” It’s not about “stumbling” or “just finding it by chance”, because porn FOUND YOU. It did so at the first time and it will come to your every single day IF YOU LET IT. Like I said, it is set to destroy your life. Sounds pretty evil. Who did it? Why would someone put out such things for people, knowing full well what porn causes in a human body? I mean, really? What kind of a person is so evil, that he makes money by ripping people from their freedom, making them literally slaves to their product? It’s okay if it’s sugar or caffeine or video games,, okay? It’s not as bad as drugs after all? Porn isn’t as bad as drugs? No? It’s not?

Ever heard of Ted Bundy? A serial killer, pedophile, guilty of killing many women and girls. He said something pretty powerful and scary before he died. I’ll just link his final interview here: ,,TL;DR – According to Ted Bundy, porn is the gateway to crime and violence. That interview is heavy stuff, but so is porn..

I think, and I honestly hope that you guys agree with me: Porn is evil. Don’t touch it But we’ve already done it. Is there way back? To complete purity? Clean hearts, hands and minds? Is it really possible? We don’t want to be serial killers. We don’t want to be violent towards our spouses or children. We don’t wanna be that. How can we stop becoming that?

Trust me on this one, I’ve felt it. It’s possible. My life is a living proof of that healing power. If porn is evil, then, I think we need to get the opposite, maybe it can cure us. Opposite of evil would be… good? Are you with me? I mean, if there is evil, there has to be good, too. It’s not only logical, it’s physics. Newton’s thrid law.

Good news: there is good. There is a great deal of evil, too, but I am more than happy to announce that the power of good is just as great. But no doctor can give it to you. You have to find it yourself. Your minds can be purified, your hearts changed and your hands cleaned, just like mine were. Whether you believe in God or not, I encourage you to pray. Because I know it works. It works wonderfully. He can heal you, like he healed me. Please, tonight, if you really, really want to know if God is there and if he’s willing to help, go ask him. I know that he loves you more than you can ever imagine. And yes, he wants you to seek his help and power to be cleansed, because he can do it. I know it.

Before anyone judges me for being christian or ranting why there is no God, please understand that He is who made me clean. Period.

How much are you willing to do to be free? Thank you for reading.

LINK – How to quit: My story and experience.

by overburd