Age 21 – I’m more in contact with my feelings, my fears, and my dreams, than ever before.

So far I’m in my 3rd month at NoFap. I’ve passed from PMO every day, to in the last month, 1 PMO, and 2 MO. On average, 88% less Fapping and 96% less PMO than before NoFap.

But I’m not here to tell how good I’m doing on my streak, how long I’ve been able to resist porn and masturbation, or to tell how good I’m at my relationships.

I’m here to tell how I’m more in contact with my feelings, my fears, and my dreams, than I’ve ever been before.

That’s why I was using Porn. Like a drug, to numb myself from my feelings of rejection, from my fears of failure and judgment, and to avoid the difficulty of facing my issues and problems.

It’s difficult to measure the impact of porn in how i think and my actions. I mean, I’ve been watching it for almost half of my life, I learned with it about how to be sexual, there are so many images burned in my mind, so many scars I don’t know If I will ever be able to get over them.

But has opened my eyes and heart to what I’m really looking in life, It’s not money, or fame, nor admiration: To love and feel being loved, to be happy and share goodness with others. This can only happens when we are able to love ourselves, with our goodness and our faults.

That’s my success story. Being able to feel in contact with my feelings instead of repressing them, numbing my brain feeding it up with the dopamine rush that PMO can give in a quick, private and selfish fashion.

My success story is being in contact with my dreams, and for the first time I feel I’m in the way of learning what Is my purpose in life.

PMO is not the root of my issues. But staying away from it, give me the chance to face what I was evading for so long.

I want to encourage to all those people that feel bad because It’s difficult to get a long streak, to understand that the real success is not a number, but how you improve, in your mind and body. Don’t get overwhelmed, keep steady. But over all the stuff, Focus in becoming better persons, I really believe that’s the key for success.

Wish my Luck, and Hope the best for all of you!

LINK – 3 Months in No Fap, my view

BY – Warrior01