Age 21 – Improved concentration, higher self-confidence, girls notice me more

I realised latly that being in charge of your sexual energy is one of the or even most important thing in life we need learn how to control it.

I decided that I want to write about my experience, because it is very important for guys to know how they can decrease quality of their lifes due to lack of proper knowledge and how can they drastically improve it by not releasing our precious semen.

So like most of guys I started masturbating quite early, maybe when I was 12-13 years old. Sometimes I was masturbating to porn, sometimes using my imagination, sometimes one time a day or few times a day, sometimes I had a break for few days but anyway it was regular thing in my life and I thought that this is completely normal and fine. I learned about dangers of fapping when I was 19 and since then for sure I decreased over time frequency of my fapping but still I was doing this quite regularly. So actually in this year I realised that this is something really important and I need to kick this shitty and destructive habit from my life and slowly I see progress. I am 21 now. I’ve completed my 30 days NoFap challenge 3 days ago and I have decided that I want NoFap to be part of my life. I want to totally quit fapping, because benefits after 30 days are visible and I want to experience more of them and I want to heal myself from the damage I done to myself in past.

When I look back in time everything is clear. When I started fapping at 12-13 all life experience was not as enjoyable as before. Before fapping I was always one of the best students, learning was easy. I was doing martial arts trainings and was quite good at that. I was confident alfa kid. Life was good. Everything slowly changed when I depleted my organism from precious semen containing this incredible life force inside. I became less confident and more shy. I had much more insecurities than before. I was isolating myself more. Learning became harder because I could not focus and concentrate as good as before. I had less motivation to do things, including sports. My sex drive was really low and I had no motivation to meet girls. So in general now I understand what was the reason of this shitty period in my life. Men are losing life force when they lose semen !!

So these are the benefits I experienced PERSONALLY in my 30 days of no fap. I still continue with that.

More focus doing things. Meditating, working, reading, writing, speaking, listening etc. is better due to improved concentration. Better performance in sport. I just want to exercise more and I can push myself harder. Higher self confidence and because of that I feel much more better in social interactions. It is easy for me to speak with anyone I feel like a boss and somehow people respect me more at least this is how I feel it. I am less afraid to speak to girls and I receive much more better response than before. GIRLS NOTICE ME MORE ! 🙂 Interesting thing is that I notice more beauty in girls as well. My voice is lower. It is somehow magnetising and I like it. I would say my voice now is deeper, louder and more alpha. I have more sexua sensations in my body than before. I feel that my chemistry towards girls is higher. More motivation to do things. My beard is growing faster and hairs are stronger. My sweat smells better. When I am speaking to people I am very often flowing with my words, they are coming easier and I enjoy myself when speaking. More stable mood.

There is ofcourse more but I encourage you to check it for yourself. I would like to give you some links which helped my highly on this path. You can find a lot of info about benefits of No Fap and why masturbation is quite dangerous for our well being.

I’m 21.

First links have 150 pages of people experiences and benefits on nofap.

If you have any questions just ask. Wish you the best.

LINK – 30+ days NoFap experience. It is life changing !

by gopinat