Age 21 – Improved my social skills, started dating a girl I really like


I am 21 and I started NoFap hardmode somewhere around May and today after 6 months(idk what is number of the days cause i stopped from counting them) I relapsed for the first time after 6 months. I didn’t really feel any shame afterwards and after it I realized that porn is just flat out not that great.

I guess after not fapping or watching porn for an extended period of time just made me realize that porn is such a waste of time. My brain really has changed and after my dilemma today it is safe to say that I will most likely never watch porn again.

Throught the 6 month i had flat outs, urges, wet dreams i dont think it was hard for me when i look behind expect for first 2 weeks. I watched a lot of people with sucess stories, i readed other posts of members here that had sucess and benefits of improved lifestyles and overall. And i felt good everyday. I had more energy, exercised more, was a lot more social, and was more focused throughout the day. For the first time i felt no anxiety anymore and it felt amazing.

I honestly feel so lucky that i discovered NoFap and i would like to thank to all members because without you i wouldn’t be here where I am now. IF you wanna succeed please find a hobby or something to do. In this journey i graduated and i am on my way to find a job and i am so MOTIVATED.

Nofap improved my social skills, i feel more confident but sometimes overConfident but isnt a problem that will go away with time but some will hate you for that but i really didnt care what others might think.

After some months on NoFap i started dating with a girl at my university and i really liked her and she liked me she even said to my you are so different from others i never meeted a guy like you, and since we been together and traveled in a lot of countries.

All I would say that NoFap was one of the best things that has ever happened to me. It really does improve your life on all aspects. At the first it may be hard but if you really put your mind to it you can do it. If you commit to it fully without doubts in yourself you can do it. I love you all PEACE.

LINK – Relapsed after 6 months NoFap (My Experience)