Age 21 – Increased concentration, better eye contact, reduced brain fog

NoFap isn’t a cure for every single problem in your life. The most powerful benefit of NoFap is the ability to find out what’s truly holding you back.

From what I’ve experienced; it gives you increased concentration, reduced brain fog, increased confidence, increased focus, and all of these combine together to make you more efficient in social environments. These effects are variable at best, and flatlines usually wipe them out. Hear me out.

Naturally, I’m a social introvert. I’m comfortable with friends, but I generally suck at meeting new people and comfortably socialising with them. NoFap doesn’t fix that, but it’s exposed my self-inflicted loneliness and given me the self-confidence to do something about it for once.

I’m slowly regaining my desire for real women and a desire for new social interaction; so now I’m reading up on Seddit, looking at improving my verbal communication skills and improving my body image.

If you have something underlying – like depression, anxiety, trauma etc. and you used a porn addiction to deal with them, then NoFap can give you some of the confidence required to deal with those issues. When you remove the porn addiction, it’s like you’re peeling away the skin so that you can now reach the underlying issues.

However, and this is the most important bit: once the skin’s peeled away, the issues are often exacerbated as you’re no longer numbing them out with dopamine rushes. It can feel like NoFap has done more harm than good, but it’s part of the process – you can now overcome these problems instead of washing the feelings out.

Added note: I’ve read too many times about the magical sex-attractant powers of NoFap. They’re in my opinion, misguided. In my opinion and from my experience, the reasons behind it are that you might be; maintaining better eye-contact with women, conveying yourself more confidently, maintaining a more confident body stance/image, or even just through your healing attraction to real women; noticing that they’re noticing you.

For example, since I started my current streak (117 days) I’ve felt myself keeping a straighter posture, slouching far less and being able to keep eye contact with random people and more importantly – girls walking by. Sure enough, they’ve noticed me and exchanged a few more glances. So, in summary. NoFap is the indirect cause of a lot of benefits listed on this subreddit. It is not the primary cause and often – it is just the key to opening yourself up and being able to really take a good look inside.

LINK – Debunking some NoFap myths

by Hendies