Age 21 – Increased confidence & energy, Talking to girls is not scary anymore, Brain fog gone, Extreme decrease in my depression, I’m more sociable


Straight to the point: Positives

  • Increased confidence
  • Easy to maintain eye contact
  • My want to self improve is at an all-time high
  • Talking to girls is not scary anymore, I don’t stutter or have to think about what I’m going to say
  • My standards for women have dropped significantly, 4’s look like 8’s now
  • I’m more likely to socialize now instead of willingly staying home
  • Brain fog gone, I haven’t been able to think this clearly in a long time
  • Extreme decrease in my depression
  • Increased energy
  • Eaiser to fall asleep


  • Wake up to a wet bed from time to time, did not happen before Nofap
  • Wet dreams are frequent
  • Urges convince your brain that nofap is useless and you have to catch yourself trippin
  • Flatlines come and go, when they are there I have very little libido, decreased energy and motivation to be productive

About me:

  • PMO minimum 2x a day for 10+ years
  • Used to suffer from severe depression before nofap
  • Social anxiety problems before nofap
  • Very unmotivated for past few years
  • Started to meditate daily since starting nofap. I highly encourage everyone pick it up. You get control of your thoughts, not only is it easier to fight off urges but other bad thoughts you may get (i.e negative thoughts caused by depression) are easy to change too.

For me this is all about self improving. Nofap is half the battle, making new productive habbits, hobbies and friends are my other goals.

LINK – 90 Day Report

by dathomelessdog


UPDATE – 180 Day Report


  • Increased confidence
  • Very easy to maintain eye contact
  • Brain fog pretty much gone, increased concentration
  • Standards for women has dropped
  • Much eaiser to talk to girls, people
  • Increased happiness, no longer severely depressed
  • The want to self improve has increased significantly
  • Deeper voice
  • Increased facial hair
  • Less stressful, because of this some of my hair is starting to grow back where I previously had some thinning from stress
  • Get pleasure from the little things in life again
  • Nofap served as a catalyst for me picking up great new habbits and making some decisions in my life that help serve me instead of being tied down to what everyone else wants


  • Very long flatlines that last 3-4 weeks
  • During flatlines I have decreased energy, sleep a lot more, less motivated and decreased libido
  • Wet dreams seem to happen once every few weeks
  • When exiting a flatline urges are very intense, start to slip and catch myself fantasizing during this time

About me

  • PMO’d roughly minimum twice a day for 11 years
  • I had very low self esteem and confidence issues for years
  • I suffered from extreme depression for years
  • I had severe social anxiety for years (I still have some but it has significantly improved)
  • Could not even talk to a girl let alone make eye contact for years
  • Honestly nofap has been great, it helped me make so many changes in my life. I stopped drinking, stopped smoking weed, started reading more, started exercising more, started socializing more and have started to work on some projects that I have been wanting to do for a long time. So to truly get the most out of nofap you have to make changes in your life. I wish you all good luck and well wishes through your journey.