Age 21 – Increased confidence, I see woman differently, I can hold eye contact better

My NoFap journey started 3 months ago. Before I started NoFap I used to pmo once or twice daily since around the age of 12 till 21. Before I had found NoFap I was always tired, depressed, struggling with my grades in college.

This website was the biggest support on my journey .the relapse prevention button was lifesaver. I encountered the dreaded flatline around the day 50 mark it lasted around two weeks. I encountered many triggers along the way. Learning that these strong emotions eventually pass I encountered many benefits from nofapping

  • Increased confidence
  • I see woman differently as human being not as a sex object,
  • I can hold eye contact better than before and started exercising more

I started meditating and taking cold showers and started reading some of the suggested books on NoFap. I feel that the biggest change since I started NoFap was investing more time on myself ,by exercising more, eating better food , increased self-confidence and being more sociable I will continue with NoFap as I see the many benefits from abstaining from pmo. I will continue on with my journey

LINK – My 90 day report

by cener21