Age 21 – Increased Confidence, Motivation & Energy, Addictions gone, No more ADHD meds needed

I have been fapping 2-4 times a day for the last 7 years, I am now 21 y/o. Like your average porn addict I started off with ‘soft porn’ and over the years my fetishes and interests dramatically changed. I eventually got PIED and couldn’t get hard and or O during sex with a girl I was seeing for like 2 weeks.

Aside from my PMO addiction, in the last year I became addicted to ADHD meds and cigarettes, as well as drinking in excess. I used to smoke 10-15 ciggs a day. I Would also double or triple my ADHD meds dosage everyday.

Shit was fucked up! lol

I struggled with Nofap since the beginning of this year. Getting a 30 day streak and some 1 or 2 week streaks. Almost all of them ending in a crazy pmo binge. But, I found out what my triggers were, and what I needed to adjust in my life to become successful with Nofap. So it was a learning process if anything.

I am currently on a 70 day streak and I don’t plan stopping at 90 days or even a year. For me personally Nofap is more of a permanent lifestyle change than it is a challenge.

Now to list off some of the benefits and progress I have experienced in the past 70 days.


  • Quite smoking completely
  • Quite Drinking completely
  • Quite taking ADHD meds completely


  • Confidence, Motivation, Energy,
  • No more Social anxiety
  • Face looks different
  • Skin is clearer and brighter
  • Eyes are brighter
  • Hair is thicker and shinier
  • Voice is deeper
  • Easier to build muscle
  • Better posture
  • Body looks better
  • I feel so much better
  • Way more female attention
  • People gravitate towards me
  • People like to talk to me
  • Get compliments way more
  • People say I am way funnier
  • People say I so much more Positive

On like day 56 I met up with a girl from work, after our shift. We went back to mine and had some fun. It didnt take a lot of effort either. Which was pretty cool.

Overall Nofap has made my quality of life so much better. Without this subreddit I wouldn’t have made it this far. To all the people posting your stories and encouraging us to stay on the Nofap path, you guys are the real heroes. To all my brothers who are still having a hard time with Nofap, stay with it man, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Nofap was by far the hardest thing i’ve ever done in my life. It was a long, dark, lonely, and depressing road. It took will power and strength, that I didn’t even know I possessed. But, despite all of that it is possible to be successful in Nofap.

Nofap, is not the sole reason why I made all these changes and had all of this success. But, it is definitely a huge catalyst.

I go to the gym and try to lift weights aswell as do some cardio. It helps me channel all this new energy into something productive. Also, I eat good food to complement my hard work in the gym. The combination is great for me. People are starting to tell me that my body looks great, and I feel great.

[Response to question] (TRIGGER WARNING) Alright man, so basically when i started having sex, I would last a long time. That then became, semi erect sex ending off with some death grip, and having to fap to O. Finally, I couldn’t even get it up. Then, for almost 2 years I didt have sex, and started to fap alot more. When I started Nofap at the beginning of this year, I would experience flatlines, where there wouldn’t be any movement down there, for almost 2 weeks at a time. At the beginning I would get scared and relapse. I later started to accept the flatline and just be patient. It was so worth it though. All of it was a learning experience.  The flatline would come and go. But, after around day 40, I haven’t had anymore withdrawal.

[Comment] I heard the same from other people saying that porn is harder to give up than cigarettes.

[OP’s response] Man is it ever. You don’t realise how hard giving up porn is until you try. Try cold showers when you get crazy urges. It helps especially during the first month or so.

Before this my last streak was 30 days, I relapsed once and didn’t binge, then went for 71 days. So, I quit smoking and the adhd meds around 101 or so days ago. I had ADHD symtoms because of PMO for the last couple years. So a doctors perscribed me all kinds of different meds. But I only took the meds for around 5-7 months.

Clearer skin, brighter complection, beard/head hair is thicker, jawline is more defined, eyes are bigger and brighter. Also one strange thing I noticed is I have more spontaneous facial expressions.

The female attention thing is wierd, either a girl will look at me and smile or they will just grill [stare] me down. This isn’t everyday though it’s pretty random. Maybe its my confidence pouring out, or maybe they can feel my energy or sense my phermones. I don’t know exactly what it is but, it is there. Personally, after I pass the 30 day mark I start to see most of the changes other than feeling good and getting over my social anxiety. But, I definitely agree with you about becoming less needy after 40-50 days. When it comes to female attention it comes and goes, some days girls will stare me down, and other days not so much. The only thing that is consistent is my confidence and how social I am with them.

My biggest trigger was t.v shows, movies, and music videos. At the beginning I had to stop watching all them, to gain some momentum. But, now I am selective with what I watch. My biggest sacrifice was giving up game of thrones. But, it is so worth it man. To combat my strong urges I would take a cold shower, it works like a charm.

[Response to question about bingeing early in recovery] 3 days of like 5-8 times a day or on ADHD  meds so i could binge for like 4-6 hours. Shit got pretty fucked up as i mentioned in the post. But right before this 73 day streak i was on a 30 day streak and I only relapsed once, with no binge. Maybe that is why I experienced all these benefits relatively early.

It’s all about having some self worth and realizing that you deserve the best of life.

LINK – 70 days hardmode my story

By killuminati123