Age 21 – I’ve been unjust & rude to girls all these years, but now I respect women more than ever


Started nofap in January and decided to take a No PMO challenge on 18 January 2017. It was so much hard and difficult for a person who was used to of sexual activities from his childhood not know exactly what age maybe 5 or 6, A girl of my age taught me about this, that time we did it childishly just touching ,no real type of sex. After that I became used to of this pleasure, and in coming about 8th or 9th class I started doing PMO.

I come from a very backward family and we are the first generation who are getting education my mom and dad both are uneducated. They have seen the darkest phases of the life still they managed to educate their 3 chidren. I was also a good student from the start of my school used to do hard studies. there were 1-2 years in 7th,8th class when I loved a girl I Nearly abstained from MO and that was a period of my academic victory and glory. I became a student every teacher’s favourite.

But then the failure in love in 8th class and I drowned in the PMO. And from there my real downfall started. My grades kept going down and down I suffered a huge depression in my Intermediate. In graduation got little more than passing marks.RENAISSANCE-

IN the 3rd year of my graduation I came to know about P addiction from GARY WILSON’s vdo thank god I watched. I decided to quit porn.Came to know about nofap and its 90 day challenge.

I was so fed up of P and determined to quit but initial success of 18 days and than relapsed and than kept relapsing 6-7 times from january to april. Fewww…… so much failure .Now here comes 11 April I started my reboot again and I came to know about P blocking apps very late ( mine was safe surfer,very good there are others too u can have whichever u want) ,this was the greatest tool to avoid P and the most lucky thing happened to me I FORGOT MY P BLOCKER APP PASSWORD no chance to unblock again and because of the struggles and lessons learnt from the past failures and Success stories of other fapstronauts I am here on 10 july 2017 achieved 90 day challenge at 12 a:m. Yeahhhhhhhhhh!!!!

Finally what I Dreamt of achieving one day that day came. and I did M, I have got premature ejaculation problem but It is almost gone It was still there in 1 or 2 minute but I controlled it easily. And then I lasted for 10 minutes and still ejaculation under control than I decided to release. I tell u that It so full of bliss and energy that after release It felt like I caught high degree fever. I think there will be no signs of premature ejaculation after sometime.

I am living my life now I am so thankful to nofap website.I m feeling nature and music. Watched a vlogue of a pretty girl telling about how to get admission into best MBA colleges. I realised watching dat I don’t objectified her but admired her beauty and how cutely she was talking, imagined if she was in front of me i would kissed her on her forehead and cuddled with her for being soooooo cuteeeeee.

That is a different new me. I’ve been unjust and rude to girls all these years but now I respect women more than ever an I want to be a feminist. Thank you NoFap for giving me this amazing new life.

Well now folks Here is a list of tools and rules to destroy your addiction,

Tools and rules-
1. Install porn blocker app on your phone and PC .It is necessary u put a password so unfamiliar and don’t think about it again and better if u forget like me
2. Have a strong reason and motivation for your challenge.
3. Self discipline is must. there will be times when u will be going through hell and there will be no intensity of mood or motivation to keep up with ur challenge but u keep fighting because u have done Your COMMITMENT .ONCE TAKE A COMMITMENT DON’T LISTEN TO YOURSELF ALSO. and u will be so glad after for not breaking ur streak.
4. Don’t touch your d***. Only touch to clean or wash.
5. Tell urself if U R doing it u will do it like a man »

  • NO edging
  • NO PMO

5.No means No to PMO
6. Don’t overburden yourself with other habit-changing tasks. Gradually improve
7. Use your willpower,u have less willpower when u are in beginning but believe in ur infinite willpower that u can make ur willpower so strong that you can kill any P urge.
8. It takes less than a minute to relapse just a click away. So STay in control EVERY MINUTE. . . . . . . . . . . . EVERY SECOND.
9. Limit your phone or PC usage only for necessary works. Then put it away from you.
10. Don’t take ur phone in ur bed.
11. Tell urself you are bigger than all your problems.
12. Take a walk in nature once a day.
13. Do exercise every day bring it in ur self discipline.
14. Take shower in the morning.
15. Whenever have urges meditate bring the powerful picture like Buddha and feel his energy into you it will be great to curb urges. or exercise pushups, lunges ,tricep dips, burpees etc.
16. You have not chosen to live like a looser. Make yourself a winner.


LINK – Can’t believe completed my 90days no PMO challenge yeah!!!

by will master